JavaFX Adopters Meeting

10 Oct. 2019, Munich

10 Oct 2019 – 2nd JavaFX Adopters Meeting Hosted by ZEISS Munich.

Last year Oracle announced, that after 2022 Oracle will support JavaFX only by commercial support through bug fixes. Especially for companies that have invested heavily in JavaFX applications, this fact creates uncertainties.

Therefore, we hosted a JavaFX Adopters Meeting on the 20th of September 2018, with the goal to create an exchange between attendees about their projects and current future plans. In addition, representatives of the JavaFX ecosystem (e.g. Gluon, BestSolution, Karakun, Saxonia Systems) took part to discuss with the attendees a viable future picture of JavaFX.

For a successful further development of JavaFX after 2022, a strong ecosystem is needed, which also makes it necessary for adopter companies to contribute the ecosystem.

This is the second edition of the meetup.

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