Welcome to the 1st ZEISS Virtual User Meeting

Special Interest PRESBYOND

Friday, 4 September 2020

2 – 6 pm GMT+2 (Berlin)
1 – 5 pm GMT+1 (London)
8 pm – 12 am GMT+8 (Singapore)

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This virtual symposium is aimed at Refractive Surgeons wishing to learn more about opportunities on how to treat presbyopic patients in the absence of cataract.

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Please find below a preliminary agenda:
  • Scientific Overview of the Treatments for Presbyopic Patients without Cataract
    - Topics include:
    PRESBYOND with Dan Z. Reinstein, GIenn Carp, Sri Ganesh
  • Clinical and Commercial Experience with PRESBYOND: A 360 Degree View
    - Speakers include:

    Ahmed Al Batal, Federico Alonso, James Ball, Christian Becker, Glenn Carp, Christian de Courten, Barbara Czarnota, Bostjan Drev, Baraa Faham, Andrei Filip, Sri Ganesh, Amir Hamid, Oscar Mallo, Robert Morris, Dan Reinstein, Andrea Russo, Walter Sekundo, Alastair Stuart, Fernand de Wilde, Jarno Ylitalo
    - Topics include:
    Onboarding Process, Learning Curve, Conversion Rates, Success and Satisfaction Rates, Stereo Acuity and Vision Quality, Management of Non-Routine Situations

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