Order breath shields and drapes for your ZEISS instruments Supporting your practice control measures

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Breath shields and drapes for your ZEISS instruments are available for purchase directly through our ZEISS online shops in the following countries:

Please note that you can only order via your national online shop for the countries listed. Pricing and availability may vary between countries due to shipping restrictions, availability of products and local regulations. Processing time may take longer due to high demand.

We are continuing to add equipment and accessories for ZEISS instruments which support control measures to the ZEISS online shops. If you cannot find the equipment for your ZEISS instrument that you are looking for, please fill out the form below.

Order through your local ZEISS organization

Please fill out the form to get in contact with your local ZEISS organization to purchase your breath shields and drapes.
Currently not all breath shields and drapes are available in all countries. Please specify your ZEISS instruments to check for local availability. You will be contacted by your local ZEISS organization with details regarding availability, estimated delivery time and pricing.

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