ZEISS User Nomogram Service offer during the crisis Personalized treatment outcome analysis

We are aware that collecting clinical data manually due to missing capacity was always a challenge for our refractive clinics in the past. However, this is necessary to benefit from our user nomogram service.

Depending on your local situation, you and your clinical staff may have now more time to do so. Of course, all data is handled anonymously. Don't worry in case there is not enough data available. At least we will be able to provide a personal report with useful analyzes for SMILE®, LASIK, PRK, PRESBYOND® such as:

  • Refractive Outcome (e.g. Percentage of treated eyes within +/- 0.50 and +/- 1.0D)
  • Predictability Scatter Plot of SEQ results
  • Visual Acuity Charts (e.g. Change in postOP UDVA vs. preOP CDVA)
  • Stability over time

Let's take these times as a chance to review your previous refractive outcomes, benefit from valuable analyzes.

Please ask your clinical application specialist for more details.

Or for further details:

How ZEISS supports you with the User Nomogram Service

Step 1

  • Training on requirements and the data needed
  • Instructions for easy data collection

Step 2
Data Collection

  • ZEISS provides dedicated excel file
  • At least 60 eyes

Step 3
Data Analysis

  • Check for consistency
  • Analysis of provided data
  • Calculation of nomogram

Step 4
Analysis Debriefing

  • User receives report with outcomes and personalized nomogram
  • Discussion on analysis results

Continuous Application Support

  • Frequent application support visits
  • Follow-up and further refinements

ZEISS User Nomogram Service

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