ZEISS CIRRUS 5000/6000 OCT imaging in the new normal

  • Breath shields for physical distancing
  • Physically-distanced OCT imaging options
  • Speed and efficiency for adapted workflows
ZEISS CIRRUS for a Post-COVID-19 Practice

Measures and workflow to support your reopening

As you begin to re-open your practice, you may be considering what you can do to reassure patients and staff plus provide a greater degree of workflow efficiency and throughput. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) solutions from ZEISS are perfectly geared for supporting the implementation of no-touch, physically-distanced and ultra-fast OCT exams in your practice.

Setting up your ZEISS CIRRUS for patient care in the new normal

Take advantage of flexible options that let you operate your CIRRUS® from ZEISS at a physical distance:

  • Set up a secondary workstation to put a minimum of six feet between operator and patient. All you need is an external cable, external monitor, keyboard and mouse. See below for the minimum specifications. 
  • Set up a remote connection, communicate with your patient and acquire an image while being seated in different rooms or even different buildings.
Social distancing with CIRRUS

Rapid exams and efficient reviews for new, adapted workflows

  • High-speed OCT exams
  • Widefield OCTA imaging
  • Single-page wellness reports
Minimize exam time and optimize patient throughput

Minimize exam time & optimize patient throughput

  •  With large data cubes captured in just 0.4 seconds, record your patients' entire retina rapidly, minimizing the time needed for extra scans and ensuring high patient throughput. 
  • Use widefield OCT scans, such as 12x12 mm and AngioPlex Montage, for quick detection and comprehensive vascular assessment of the macula and peripheral retina; regions where age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy can occur, respectively.

Speed up patient evaluation with single-page wellness reports

The ZEISS CIRRUS Wellness Exam—a simple and comprehensive OU report that shows both macular and ONH information compared to normative data on one convenient page—allows clinicians to do a quick but thorough patient evaluation ensuring optimal patient throughput and high practice efficiency even with new protocols in place.

CIRRUS Wellness Exam

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