ZEISS Humphrey Field Analyzer

Perimetry in the new normal

  • Breath shields for physical distancing
  • Technologies to support no-touch perimetry
  • Speed and efficiency for adapted workflows
HFA from ZEISS for a Post-COVID-19 Practice

Measures and workflow to support your reopening

As you begin to re-open your practice, you may be considering what you can do to reassure patients and staff plus provide a greater degree of workflow efficiency and throughput. Humphrey Field Analyzer from ZEISS allows the operator to observe patient test compliance at a distance while the SITA™ Faster testing strategy cuts exam time in half compared to the standard benchmark strategy.

Setting up your HFA for patient care in the new normal

  • Monitor patient alignment, observe patient test compliance at a distance, using HFA Auto Gaze alignment and eye position video monitor.
  • Software-controlled Liquid Trial Lens™ allows contactless patient setup by automatically loading patients' refractive correction.
HFA3 with Liquid Trial Lens

Rapid exams and efficient reviews for new, adapted workflows

  • Accelerated testing with SITA Faster
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Streamlined workflow with GPA™ Analysis

Faster tests for practice efficiency and happier patients

HFA3 offers a shorter workflow and improves patient satisfaction by using the SITA Faster testing strategy to reduce testing time by 50% over the traditional SITA Standard benchmark.

Faster tests for practice efficiency and happier patients
Guided Progression Analysis

Speed up patient evaluation by simplifying change analysis

Guided Progression Analysis (GPA) simplifies and standardizes analysis of changes, streamlines workflow and can improve clinical confidence.

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