The free breath shield donation program has ended

We have shipped more than 100,000 free breath shields to practices around the world. We are happy to support you. 

Breath shields are now available for purchase directly through ZEISS.

Ophthalmic societies around the world are recommending enhancing your protective protocols and to install slit lamp breath shields. 

Slit lamp breath shields are available for purchase directly through ZEISS.

  • Fits ZEISS slit lamps and slit lamps of ZEISS therapeutic laser systems.
  • Easy installation
  • Easy access to device controls and to your patient

If you have already placed an order for a free breath shield, it is on the way. Due to the high demand and the current logistics situation of your country, there could be a delay in the timely receipt of your shipment. Shipments may take up to 2 weeks or more depending upon your location.

slit lamp breath shields


Please follow the described steps. After installation please be advised to continue to wear your protective gear.

Step 1:

Remove the protective plastic.

Step 2:

Modify eye pieces distance to 65 mm and hang the breath shield over the oculars.

Step 3:

Adjust eye pieces distance, apply double-sided tape as shown.

Double-sided tape not included with breath shield.

Step 4:

Remove paper from double-sided tape. Flip breath shield into position and press on tape to secure.

Installation Video