Practicing social distancing during your patient exams


In this era of COVID-19, healthcare providers are required to take extra precautions to prevent the spread of pathogens by practicing social distancing.

To facilitate a safe social distance during patient exams, ZEISS CIRRUS and ZEISS HFA users have the option to use peripheral devices and accessories to extend the distance between operator and patient using the suggested exam configurations.

Social distancing with ZEISS CIRRUS OCT

Connecting your ZEISS CIRRUS OCT to an external monitor

If you would like to operate your CIRRUS at a safe social distance, you have the option to use peripheral accessories to help you do so. All you need is an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

This option is intended for the operator and patient to be in the same room at a safe distance.

Performing a ZEISS CIRRUS OCT exam remotely

In order to maintain social distancing during diagnostic exams, you can setup and operate your CIRRUS device from a remote location. You can easily set up a remote connection, communicate with your patient and acquire an image while being seated in different rooms, or even in different buildings.  

Social distancing with ZEISS HFA perimetry

Connecting your ZEISS HFA3 to an external monitor

You can operate your ZEISS HFA device at a safe social distance using an extended cable connection. All you need is a table, monitor, extended cable, keyboard, and mouse.
This option is intended for the operator and patient to be physically separated while allowing operation at a safe distance.