JENA/AMSTERDAM, 05. October 2013

Designed to work together: ZEISS Cataract Suite markerless Convincingly Combines Biometry and Visualization during Surgery

ZEISS strengthens its cataract portfolio through the combination of gold standard products and enables markerless implantation of toric IOLs

The medical technology company Carl Zeiss Meditec AG is presenting its ZEISS Cataract Suite markerless at this year's summer meeting of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS). This combines the IOLMaster® 500, the CALLISTO eye® OP assistance system and OPMI® Lumera with the FORUM® data management system from ZEISS. This makes the implantation of toric intraocular lenses efficient and precise1.

"Right from the beginning, we have created a complete workflow for cataract treatment in which all components are optimally matched to each other. In this way, we want to assist our customers in achieving the optimal outcome for their patients in an efficient workflow. This is exactly the foundation on which we base our first-class, customer-oriented innovations for which ZEISS is famous the world over," says Dr. Ludwin Monz, President and CEO of Carl Zeiss Meditec AG.

The ZEISS Cataract Suite markerless allows the surgeon to perform a simple implantation and alignment of a toric IOL. To do this, a reference image of the limbal blood vessels is captured preoperatively so that it can be superimposed on the microscope image during surgery.
In this way, the astigmatism axis calculated preoperatively is displayed intraoperatively as a navigation aid for the surgeon.
The optimized workflow starts with a new function of the ZEISS IOLMaster 500. This makes it possible to capture reference images of the eye. The time-consuming steps required in the traditional workflow to mark the astigmatism axis manually, e.g. with ink, are eliminated.
Unlike other systems, the ZEISS IOLMaster 500 does not therefore need an additional stage in the examination to generate a reference image. This is now performed directly during the biometric examination.

Both the reference images and the keratometry data are transferred with the FORUM data management system to the computer-supported CALLISTO eye OP assistance system. This means that all data are available for precise1 and markerless positioning of the toric IOL in color and with high resolution exactly where it is needed – in the eyepiece of the ZEISS surgical microscope. In the OPMI Lumera 700 the data injection is integrated; for all other current ZEISS surgical microscopes, it is available as a retrofit model, therefore making this innovation available to a wide circle of users2.

The benefits for the doctor and patient are obvious: surgeons can now devote their full attention to the procedure; they no longer need any time to mark the position of toric intraocular lenses or to transfer data manually from one system to another. The patients benefit from more comfortable treatment because the ZEISS Cataract Suite requires no manual marking in the eye thanks to its markerless technique. This rules out the possibility of smudging or fading of the markings.

Right from the outset, the development of the systems was focused on the seamless interaction of individual components and is now available to the customer as a complete solution.
Each individual system component of the ZEISS Cataract Suite markerless meets the highest requirements. Combined, they enable an optimized workflow – from the gold standard in biometry and visualization of the eye to support during surgery through various assistance functions. “Our ZEISS Cataract Suite, including the markerless version, offers a complete solution for cataract treatment and definitely deserves to be called "one-stop," sagt Ludwin Monz.

1Clinical data from Prof. Findl / Dr. Hirnschall presented at the ESCRS 2013 – technically verified pre- / intraoperative precision adjustment ± 1.0° on average
2ZEISS Cataract Suite markerless is available with: S7 / OPMI Lumera, S88 / OPMI Lumera T, OPMI Lumera I