ZEISS SL Imaging Solution

ZEISS SL Imaging Solution

Seamless image and data capture for slit lamps

The intuitive SL Imaging Solution from ZEISS takes your everyday slit lamp exams to the next level by adding the integration of high-quality image and video capture to exam reportsoffering you the ability to document cases, to include in patient education, teaching, or publishing. This all-round imaging solution features a modular concept, giving you the option to add slit lamp imaging seamlessly into your workflow on a preferential basis.

HD image and video capture

Workflow-optimized design

Digital documentation

Custom capabilities

High-definition image and video capture

The smooth integration of camera and slit lamp allows to capture images and videos with clarity, magnifying tiny details. With a frame rate of up to 40 fps, broadcasting in real time without the worry of latency or lag is now possible with LiveView, enabling true-to-life color imaging  — convenient tool for education or teaching.

Technical details:

  • 18 megapixel camera for up to 18 MP resolution (4912 x 3680 pixels)
  • True-to-life color: capture as seen through the slit lamp
  • LiveView witout latency: broadcast a live image on screen at 40 fps
High-definition image and video capture

Workflow-optimized design

The workflow-optimized software and hardware design1 of the SL Imaging Solution allows for both the actual exam and documentation to take place in parallel. With no need to take extra effort for creating images and videos, you can fully focus on your patients.

  • Capture live exam images with the simple click of a joystick trigger or button*
  • Capture images while simultaneously recording a video
  • Compare recordings with the Flicker feature


Digital documentation

One-click data export makes it convenient to add reports, images and videos to the digital patient record, streamlining your daily workflow. Share records with patients and publications, with students for education or with the ophthalmologic community for academics or to facilitate second opinions. Other benefits include:

  • Individual report layouts
  • Auto-fill reports with images, including a direct comment function
  • Export images to FORUM and DICOM systems
  • JPG and MP4 export to hard drive
ZEISS Slit Lamp Solutions

Custom capabilities

Complete your setup with optional components like the SL Workstation (Panel PC with pre-installed software) and widefield illumination available from ZEISS for a comfortable practice integration.

First impressions

Watch Dr. Ike Ahmed share his experience with ZEISS SL 800 and SL Imaging Solution


SL Imaging Module

SL Imaging Module from ZEISS
Convenient documentation
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ZEISS SL Imaging Solution

SL cam compact  

Sensor size

18 MP (4,912 x 3,680 Pixel)

Camera resolution

5 MP (2,592 x 1,944 px) with approx. 40 fps (optimal)

18 MP (4,912 x 3,680 px) with approx. 15 fps (high)


USB 3.0

SL Imaging-Software - Technical hardware requirements  

Hard disc

Min. 250 GB


Min. 16 GB


Min. 1 x USB 3.0 (for SL cam compact),
Min. 1 x USB 2.0 or higher (SL 800 only)

Monitor resolution

Min. 1,024 x 768 pixel

Operating system

Windows 10 (x 64)*

Data export formats

JPEG (image), MP4 (video), PDF (report), DICOM (data transfer into FORUM/PMS)

SL Workstation – Includes: Table, 22” Touch Screen Monitor, PC mouse, PC keyboard

Dimensions (W x H x D)

546 mm x 351 mm x 66 mm


Approx. 8 kg

Monitor resolution

1920x1080 px LCD touch screen


Intel® CoreTM i5 Quad Core Processor

Hard disc



16 GB


4x USB 3.0, 2x Isolated Gigabit Ethernet Port, 2x RS-232, 1x HDMI and DisplayPort, Audio (Mic-in/Line-out)

Available Optional Components

10x eyepiece with crosshairs

*For compatibility with other operating systems please contact your service contact.

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