Subjective refraction unit


Visual acuity chart and digital phoropter

The Subjective Refraction Unit from ZEISS combines established procedures with an innovative and intuitive user concept. It allows the user to focus entirely on the patients interactions during vision "testing". The combination of digital phoropter, VISUPHOR® 500 and visual acuity chart system VISUSCREEN 100/500 offers interaction between extensive test possibilities and fast determination of refraction values.

Smart workflow

Simple touch control


Smart workflow

Preconfigured workflows lets you get right down to work. Choose one of up to six default or customize your own personalized workflow. For each day or for different target groups to match your and your patient’s uniqueness.

Take advantage of the new in-built refraction logic and of the supportive control elements & functions, e.g fogging buttons, automatically inserted age-related addition to fasten your examination.

Simple touch control

Simplicity best describes the handling experience of the ZEISS Subjective Refraction Unit. The clearly structured user interface makes working with the ZEISS VISUPHOR/VISUSCREEN very easy. With the fully integrated Graphical User Interface, both the phoropter and visual acuity screen can be controlled simultaneously & wireless, even single-handedly, with the optional, medical grade panel PC or an iPad.


Connectivity is not optional, it is always included. Connecting objective and subjective refraction devices to the practice EMR or PACS is now not only possible but also easy and convenient and enables a completely paperless workflow, eliminates error-prone manual data entry and saves valuable time for staff. Patient data can be stored central and the system allows access anywhere and anytime by staff period.

This enables fast working in many places at the same time, e.g. pretest room or doctors office.


VISUSCREEN 100/500 and VISUPHOR 500 from ZEISS
page(s): 4
file size: 2344 kB

Essential Line from ZEISS
page(s): 10
file size: 7188 kB


VISUSCREEN 100/500 and VISUPHOR 500 from ZEISS

Test area size (W x H)

299.5 x 223.5 mm

Testing distance

1 to 8 m

Polarization directions for analyzers*

Right eye: 45° / left eye: 135°

*Only valid for VISUSCREEN 500

Spherical lenses

–19.00 to +16.75 D (increments: 0.12 / 0.25 D)

Cylinder lenses

0 to ± 8.75 D

Cylinder axis

0 to 180° (increments: 1° steps)


48 to 80 mm

Rotary prism

0 to 20 Δ


+1.5 D, +2.0 D

Pin hole lens

2 mm

Maddox rod

Right eye: red, horizontal / left eye: red, vertical

Red/green filter

Right eye: red / left eye: green

Polarizing filter

Right eye: 135°, 45° / left eye: 45°, 135°

Split prism

Right eye: 6 Δ BU
Left eye: 10 Δ BI (up to 5 Δ complement)

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