ZEISS Colposcope KSK 150 FC

ZEISS Colposcope KSK 150 FC

Enabling enhanced diagnostics

Both clinician skill and high-quality optics are essential in recognizing precancerous changes. ZEISS has been at the forefront in developing and producing world-class optical designs for over 170 years, enabling crisp rendition of healthy or abnormal tissue. The ZEISS KSK 150 FC is a versatile colposcope meeting the demands of busy gynecological clinics.


Ergonomic design



Widefield optics for a large field of view facilitate the assessment of anomalies in the epithelium, enabling differential diagnosis.

The 5-step magnification changer offers a general overview at low magnification and clear recognition of detail at high magnification.
Large fine focusing range is available for selectable working distances.

Ergonomic design

Convenient, single-hand operation using the ergonomically arranged controls allows fast and reliable positioning.


An external micromanipulator can be directly attached to the colposcope to perform CO2 laser therapies.

Also using an appropriate mount, the colposcope can be attached to examination chairs from different manufacturers. Mounts for attaching connecting tubes to examination chairs are available from the respective chair manufacturer.


ZEISS Colposcope KSK 150 FC
Enabling enhanced diagnostics
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ZEISS Colposcope KSK 150 FC

12 V / 100 W cold light, fiber optic illumination, adjustable
Objective lens
Focusable over 300 or 250 mm
Manual magnification changer with five settings
Total magnification
3.5x–21.5x (at working distance of 250 mm, 12.5x eyepieces)
Fine focusing
18 mm
Viewing tube
Inclined or Straight or Tiltable tube
Red-free filter
Suspension mount
Rolling floor stand or suspension mount (connecting tube for examination chair)
Video camera (option)
1Chip HD Camera, 1CMOS 1080p, DVI, HD-SDI, S-Video

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