Colposcope KSK 150 FC
reliabilityMADE BY ZEISS
Enabling enhanced diagnostics. ZEISS Colposcope KSK 150 FC
reliabilityMADE BY ZEISS

Colposcope KSK 150 FC from ZEISS

  • Highlights
    Kolposkop 150 FC

    Colposcope KSK 150 FC from ZEISS

    High-quality optics

    Both clinician skill and high-quality optics are essential in recognizing precancerous changes.

    Carl Zeiss has been at the forefront in developing and producing world-class optical systems for over 170 years. We at ZEISS make the world visible when the naked eye is not enough. That is our vision.

    The versatile Colposcope KSK 150 FC from ZEISS meets the demands made on a top-class colposcope.

    Kolposkop 150 FC


    • High-intensity fiber optic illumination, via integrated light guide
    • Convenient, single-hand operation using the ergonomically arranged controls
    • Large fine focusing range
    • 5-step magnification changer
    • Wide field optics for a large field of view
    • Straight or inclined binocular tube for convenience and comfort
    • Attachable to suspension mount/ examination chair or floor stand
    • Optionally 1Chip HD Camera for documentation of findings and patient consultation

  • Technical Data
    Performance features of the Colposcope KSK 150 FC from ZEISS  
    12 V / 100 W cold light, fiber optic illumination, adjustable
    Objective lens
    300 mm focusable or
    250 mm focusable
    Manual magnification changer with five settings
    Total magnification 3.5x–21.5x (at working distance of 250 mm, 12.5x eyepieces)
    Fine focusing
    18 mm
    Viewing tube
    Inclined or
    Straight or
    Tiltable tube
    Red-free filter
    Suspension mount
    Rolling floor stand or
    Suspension mount (connecting tube for examination chair)
    Video camera (option) 1Chip HD Camera, 1CMOS 1080p, DVI, HD-SDI, S-Video
  • Options & Accessories

    Integrated Video Solutions

    The integrated video solutions are the most convenient way to generate images for information, documentation, teaching and presentation purposes. Due to the built-in camera systems with factory aligned optics the video solution works right away from the box.  


    Video Cameras

    Optionally 1Chip HD Camera
    • High definition video camera for documentation of findings and patient consultation.
    • HD videos and images can be displayed on a video monitor using standard video interfaces or recorded using a HD recorder.  

    External Video Components

    To support all requirements or wishes for customized video solutions, external components can be mounted to the colposcope system. The external attachment via standard optical and mechanical interfaces increases the flexibility and retrofitability of the colposcope. 


    Mediallink 100

    MEDIALINK 100 from ZEISS

    ZEISS MEDIALINK 100 is an innovative, user-friendly solution that facilitates digital media collection. MEDIALINK 100 enables to capture images and video from several video sources and transfer them directly to your preferred storage media. Whether you choose to utilize external USB storage media or the integrated network capability, it is easy to display treatment images and videos in your office.  


    Photo Adapters

    FlexioStill Adapter

    FlexioStill Adapter

    The FlexioStill adapter enables you to choose from a wide variety of digital compact cameras which can be attached to the colposcope.

    FlexioMotion Adapter

    FlexioMotion Adapter

    FlexioMotion allows you to attach digital compact camcorders to the colposcope.

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    Laser attachment

    Laser attachement

    An external micromanipulator can be directly attached to the colposcope to perform CO2 laser therapies.

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    Colposcope KSK 150 FC and surgical microscope OPMI pico from ZEISS

    Enabling enhanced diagnostics

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