Putting in vivo cellular imaging at your fingertips.

Real-time visualization

Virtually unlimited number of samples

Digital images - anytime, anywhere

Introducing ZEISS CONVIVO In Vivo Pathology Suite

The In Vivo Pathology Suite ZEISS CONVIVO allows real-time feedback on tissue microstructure through digital pathology consultation. The Surgical Workplace connects to the Pathology Workplace and enables cross-functional medical team members to remote-access in vivo images in the OR to support the surgeon.

Visualize tissue microstructure in real-time

The Surgical Workplace allows to seamlessly integrate imaging of cellular structures into the surgical workflow. Confocal laser scanning microscopy is used in combination with the contrast agent fluorescein sodium to visualize cellular and architectural characteristics of tissue with high resolution.

ZEISS CONVIVO ex vivo confocal images vs. H&E-stained histological images*

Fibroblastic Meningioma, WHO-Grad I, Technical University of Munich, Germany
Recurrent Glioblastoma, WHO-Grad IV, Technical University of Munich, Germany
Schwannoma, WHO-Grad I, Technical University of Munich, Germany
Plexus papilloma, Technical University of Munich, Germany
Glioblastoma, WHO-Grad IV, Technical University of Munich, Germany

*ZEISS CONVIVO images are not a substitute for H&E stains.

Check a virtually unlimited number of samples in situ

As no extraction of tissue or processing is required, images can be acquired from a virtually unlimited number of locations in the situs. The intuitive user interface allows for scanning of areas of interest, quickly delivering the necessary number of images.

Image creation by confocal scanning microscopy

The scanner probe emits low-intensity laser light, which is focused at an adjustable focus depth up to 200 microns inside the patient's tissue. The focal point is moved fast thereby scanning the field of view in quick repetition.

  • Low-intensity laser light
  • Adjustable focus depth
  • Collecting fluorescence light
Low-intensity laser light
Adjustable focus depth
Collecting fluorescence light

Transfer and analyze digital images – anytime anywhere

With innovative ways to share data with cross-functional medical teams, ZEISS CONVIVO becomes one of the most flexible endomicroscopy systems of its kind. The review of in-vivo imaging data can be done by remote access, allowing for immediate analysis of the recorded image.

See how cross-functional medical team members can remote-access in vivo images with the In Vivo Pathology Suite

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Intuitive draping concept

Quickly and effortlessly prepare the Surgical Workplace with ZEISS Sterile Sheath. Especially designed for the ZEISS CONVIVO, draping is made intuitive, ensuring ergonomic and easy handling. The well known premium optical quality from ZEISS is maintained in the consumable drape, ensuring optimal image results even at high magnification.


We strive to facilitate effective learning for reading confocal images. Therefore, the ZEISS CONVIVO Community moderated by experts supports early clinical adopters during their individual learning curve.

The ZEISS CONVIVO Community will offer users exclusive opportunities for:

  • Training in local reference sites
  • Online peer-to-peer consultation
  • Online case discussion within the community


Watch the videos to see first impressions and learn about ZEISS CONVIVO.


Advances in confocal laser endomicroscopy
for neuro-oncological tumor resection
mini-review of current literature
page(s): 6
file size: 132 kB

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