Product Detail


Technical specifications


Electrical data

Rated Voltage at 115V

100 V - 240 V

Rated Voltage at 230V

220 V - 240 V

Power Consumption at 115V

300 VA

Power Consumption at 230V

300 VA

Rated Frequency

50 Hz - 60 Hz

Electrical Standard

Complying with IEC 60601-1:2005+A1:2012 andIEC 60601-1-2:2014
Protection class I, degree of protection IP X0 (system cart), IP x6 (foot control panel)

Laser data

Laser class

3R as per IEC60825-1:2014 and IEC 60825:2007

Laser power

1 mW


488 nm

Laser safety range

32 nm or more away from the tip of the scanner probe, time base 0.25 seconds

Recording parameters

Field of view

Horizontal: approx. 475 μm
Vertical: approx: 267 μm

Image resolution and frame rate

1920 x 1080 pixels (full hD) / 0.75 frames per second
1920 x 270 pixels / 2.35 frames per second

Emission Filters

Green band-pass filter (517.5 - 572.5 nm(545/55))
Grenn long-pass filter (>515 nm)
Red long-pass filter (>572 nm)
Neutral density filter (OD3, i.e. 0.1% transmission)

Dimensions and weights of system cart and monitor

Dimensions (W x H xD)

750 x 1685 x 725 mm


165 kg

Weight of system incl. transport container:

approx. 335 kg

Dimensions and weights of scanner probe

Weight of scanner probe

1250 g

Length of scanner probe shaft

150 mm

Diameter of shaft with sterile sheath

5 mm

Length of cable

3.8 m

Sterile concept

Sterile Drape

ZEISS Sterile Sheath for CONVIVO

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