ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace

ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace

Simplifying the complex

Integrate individual data sets into a single visualization to help guide your assessments by spotlighting changes that could impact disease management.

Information delivery at a glance

Complete assessment based on a single display

Know sooner than later

What devices work with Glaucoma Workplace?




Glaucoma Workplace integrates data from multiple generations of HFA, allowing clinicians to take advantage of the latest test patterns and strategies, such as HFA3's 24-2C SITA Faster, while keeping all historical patient data in a single Guided Progression Analysis series.

What devices work with Glaucoma Workplace?




Glaucoma Workplace integrates data from all generations of CIRRUS, including the new CIRRUS 6000, providing clinicians an uninterrupted view of their patient's structural progression.

What devices work with Glaucoma Workplace?




Glaucoma Workplace offers support for review of CLARUS images, which offer an unparalleled view of the optic nerve head. In addition, Glaucoma Workplace also supports all third party DICOM-compatible fundus cameras.

Monitor your patient's progression, at-a-glance.

The Progression Summary displays a quick at-a-glance summary of a patient’s detected progression.

In one click, the Progression Summary intelligently configures the Structure-Function Guided Progression Analysis (GPA) to show specifically where progression has been detected.

Glaucoma Workspace - Progression Summary

Nathan Radcliffe MD

There are multiple challenges for the doctor managing glaucoma: first, is to accurately diagnose and stage glaucoma; and, second, to quickly identify progression in those patients where therapy has been insufficient.

Glaucoma Workspace - Structure Function GPA
This case is courtesy of Aiko Iwase, MD – Tajimi Iwase Eye Clinic, Japan

Complete assessment based on a single display

Structure-Function GPA integrates all longitudinal patient data from CIRRUS, HFA, fundus images, and IOP.

Monitor your patient’s treatment:
Trend and Event Analysis for both structure and function shows progression over time.

Easily identify progression:
GPA flags and visualizes statistically significant change over time

Analyze across generations of data:
Multiple generations of CIRRUS and HFA data can be used together in GPA, assuring full data continuity

Know sooner than later

Preserving vision requires making the right decisions at the right time; making those decisions with confidence starts with detecting change as early as possible.
In this pre-perimetric case, structural change was detected by CIRRUS OCT 4 years prior to functional loss detection in the HFA visual fields; both modalities are essential in providing a full assessment

ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace Pre-perimetric Glaucomatous Damage
This case is courtesy of Christopher Kai-Shun Leung, MD – The Chinese University of Hong Kong
ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace Pre-perimetric Glaucomatous Damage Plot © ZEISS

Respond with Confidence

Mark Important Clinical Events
Indicate intervention directly on patient trend analyses.

Customize GPA Parameters
Create dual baselines to monitor the rates of progression before and after intervention.


Minimum requirements for Glaucoma Workplace powered by FORUM

FORUM Version
Version 4.2.1 or higher
Intel Core™ i5-750 or similar
Free RAM
At least 10 GB
Free hard disc capacity
Minimum 8.0 GB free space on HDD
Screen resolution
Minimum screen resolution: 1680x1050 pixels; Recommended screen resolution: 1920x1080 pixels or higher
Operating System
The ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace server must be installed on the same computer as the ZEISS FORUM server application. The OS requirements are the same as for the ZEISS FORUM server and client application.

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