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ZEISS Fundus Imaging

Fundus cameras from ZEISS

The first fundus camera was introduced by ZEISS to the ophthalmic community in 1926. It soon became the standard of high quality color retinal photos. The fundus camera has become a mainstay and an essential tool in the exam lane. As technology progresses, as well as the need to detect earlier, ZEISS has introduced ultra-widefield imaging, which enables clinicians to see wider fields of view in high resolution.

ZEISS offers one of the broadest portfolios: from the traditional fundus camera VISUCAM® 224/524 to ultra-widefield imaging with CLARUS® 500. ZEISS is now introducing the most comprehensive ultra-widefield imaging device - CLARUS 700 with fluorescein angiography. 


The ZEISS VISUCAM fundus cameras 224 and 524 with a 24-megapixel sensor produces brilliant, detail-rich images to effectively aid in diagnosing and monitoring a broad range of eye diseases – from glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy to dry AMD.

  • High-resolution fundus imaging
  • Fully-featured camera with all imaging modes
  • Simple design, user friendly, full integration with clinic workflow

ZEISS CLARUS 500 is the next generation fundus imaging system from ZEISS that provides true color and high-resolution across an entire ultra-widefield image.

  • True Color images to help with differential diagnosis and documentation
  • High resolution images anywhere in the retina, including the periphery
  • Simple, stable and intuitive – creating a comfortable patient experience that ensures image integrity

ZEISS CLARUS 700  was designed as a comprehensive ultra-widefield retinal camera for eye care specialists to capture ultra-widefield images in true color, with unsurpassed image quality, and a complete suite of modalities including fluorescein angiography.

  • True Color imaging using Broad Line Technology
  • Ultra-wide field of view in exceptional resolution
  • Fluorescein Angiography (FA)
  • Advanced imaging features to capture your best image every time

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