Developed to meet patients‘ needs and surgeons’ preferences.

ZEISS IOL Portfolio

ZEISS IOL portfolio

Optical expertise manifest in lens diversity to serve our customers to highest standards

Innovation and precision combined to provide an extensive range of IOLs, BSS & OVDs as well as injectors for your standard cataract surgery, your toric IOL implantation, and your refractive cataract surgery.

  • Using ZEISS optical expertise to restore vision as close as possible to that of young, healthy eyes
  • Confidence for day-one post-operative results
  • Treat astigmatism as part of your standard procedure
  • Broadest monofocal IOL portfolio providing wide choice of lenses to meet different surgical needs and preferences in standard cataract surgery
  • A complete range of premium IOLs to meet individual expectations of patients wishing more spectacle-independence

Comparison of ZEISS IOLs

Our IOL portfolio at a glance

Explore our range of lenses by choosing from one of the following IOL categories:

Monofocal IOLs

  • Embracing ZEISS optical heritage through 4 different optical concepts
  • Easy to use injector system featuring preloaded functionality
  • Diverse range of lens material and shapes to support surgeons preferences

Toric IOLs

  • Broadest range of toric IOLs in the market
  • Precise IOL selection out of approx . 2000 options through 0.5D steps and up to 12D in cyl
  • Proven rotational stability1 through advanced 4-haptic design


  • Latest addition to the ZEISS IOL portfolio
  • Developed to cover a wide range of focus
  • High degree of spectacle independence
  • Less visual side effects (halo & glare)

Multifocal IOLs

  • Bifocal and trifocal
  • Spectacle independance
  • Most successful IOL concept
  • Outstanding contrast sensitivity at all distances and under all light conditions

The ZEISS IOL Universe

Lens diversity for every need

Join us in discovering ZEISS diverse IOL portfolio. Our wide range of different IOL concepts, designs and material brought together to provide the most suitable IOL to meet your patient needs. ZEISS optical expertise manifest in lens diversity to serve patients and surgeons to highest standards.

ZEISS injectors

A selection of high-end injectors from ZEISS has been aligned with the requirements of our IOL portfolio. It provides a choice of different injector formats based on usability, diopter power and workflow preferences. Preloaded or fully preloaded options are available to facilitate the surgical workflow and enable micro incision surgery.


ZEISS offers a broad portfolio of Balanced Salt Solutions (BSS) and Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Devices (OVDs) to meet surgeons’ needs at every step of the cataract surgery.

Services in focus

Online shop

Less administrative efforts, more time for essential tasks

ZEISS offers you convenient digital services to make ordering of ZEISS medical products as easy as possible. Order and manage your surgical products with just a few clicks. Monitor your consignment stock, track your orders and schedule your surgical procedures more easily. Access all ZEISS digital services with a standard web browser, 24/7 and free of charge.


An online IOL calculator to calculate ZEISS toric IOLs

With Z CALC, ZEISS offers a reliable, easy and fast online toric IOL calculation tool. It provides immediate post-operative refraction data for excellent outcomes and satisfied patients. Use Z CALC and receive accurate calculations of your ZEISS toric IOLs now!

Vision simulation tool

A schematic presentation of visual perception

This interactive tool enables you to explain the different IOL categories by simulating the pre- and post-surgical visual experience. It helps you to guide your patients through the decision for the IOL type, providing the best individual fit. Start integrating the Vision Simulation Tool into your patient consultations now!

ZEISS academy

Learning from ZEISS experts

ZEISS provides professional on-site as well as online training held by experienced and certified trainers. You are welcome to attend one of our courses in the field of ophthalmology and find out more about our products.

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