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ZEISS OVD Porrfolio

Based on 20+ years experience, development and production, ZEISS provides a state-of-the-art OVD portfolio that supports your work at each step of the ophthalmic procedure.

As ZEISS OVD and IOL technology comes from one experienced source, the products are perfectly aligned with one another.

ZEISS not only strives to create high quality OVDs - the company also puts effort into environmental priorities such as offering multipack solutions.

ZEISS OVDs originate from bacterial fermentation.1

Space maintenance, protection, clarity

The choice that matters

The selection of OVD can impact the success of the ophthalmic surgery as well as the patient outcome. Therefore, choosing the right OVD is crucial – especially in challenging cases. The main function of an ophthalmic viscosurgical device is to protect the endothelial cells at each step of the ophthalmic surgery. There are various types of OVDs serving this purpose in a different manner.

Viscous-cohesive products
This type of OVDs are very good at space creation and maintenance due to their higher viscosity and molecular weight. Therefore, they can minimize the interaction between instrument and tissue and absorb shock during phacoemulsification. This way, they can protect the delicate tissues in the anterior chamber.

Lower viscosity dispersive products
This category of OVDs coat the endothelial cells during all surgical maneuvers due to their low degree of cohesiveness viscosity. Through their protecting layer, they provide safety for the endothelium.

Great surgical clarity has been traditionally provided by both categories in order to enable excellent vision during ophthalmic surgery.

In cases that take longer or require significant manipulation of the ocular tissues, an extra protection can improve postoperative endothelial cell count and corneal clarity. Therefore, a dual OVD could offer the best for all surgical needs in the OR.

ZEISS OVD portfolio

More options to you

ZEISS provides a wide range of innovative ophthalmic viscosurgical devices that fully support the surgical workflow – giving you the choice to select the OVD that best matches each individual cataract case.

The ZEISS OVD portfolio includes:

  • A unique 2-in-1 solution – a viscous-cohesive OVD with ancillary anesthetic: VISTHESIA®
  • Dual viscosity OVDs – in two separate syringes: COMBIVISC® or both in one syringe: TWINVISC®
  • For protection of the endothelium and other tissue – low-viscosity and medium-viscosity dispersive OVDs: Z-CELCOAT® and Z-HYALCOAT®
  • For space creation and maintenance – viscous-cohesive OVDs: Z-HYALIN®, Z-HYALIN plus and Z-HYALON®
  • For extensive space creation and maintenance – a super-viscous cohesive OVD: Z-HYALON plus

Comparison of ZEISS OVDs

The following overview provides general and technical information of the ZEISS OVD portfolio.

Overall comforter


More comfort through pain relief even in prolonged surgery


The first and only OVD offering ancillary anesthetic and a viscous-cohesive ophthalmic viscoelastic combined in one solution.

Topical ampules

Preoperative topical application containing sodium hyaluronate (0.3%) with lidocaine (2%) that coats and hydrates the epithelial cells supporting clear vision into the eye.

Intracameral viscous-cohesive OVD

  • Containing sodium hyaluronate in a concentration of 1% and 1.5%, both with lidocaine (1%)
  • Effective space creation and maintenance in the anterior chamber
  • Ensuring even dispersion of lidocaine throughout the eye to all tissues
  • Providing endothelial protection3 and pupil dilation4
  • 2-in-1 solution saving time and preparation steps, since a separate intracameral anesthetic is not required


The perfect match of two OVDs for the entire surgery


Providing the optimal combination of a viscous-cohesive and a medium-viscosity dispersive OVD in two separate syringes. Giving you the space and protection you need in viscosity standard and complex cases - with fast and easy removal.

Cohesive part (incl. Z-HYALIN plus)

  • Highly effective for space creation and maintenance in the anterior chamber5
  • Good capsular bag inflation
  • Optimal chamber retention
  • Ease of injection5
  • Fast and easy removal6

Dispersive part (incl. Z-HYALCOAT)

  • Reliable protection of the endothelium during various surgical maneuvers
  • Great space partition
  • Excellent optical clarity7
  • Ease of injection
  • Short aspiration time6


Two OVDs, one device for each stage of the surgery


Combining a medium-viscosity dispersive and a viscous-cohesive viscoelastic in one syringe separated by an innovative viscosity bypass stopper system for a planned sequential injection. Providing an easy and unique approach to the soft-shell-technique.8

  • Reliable protection of the endothelium and other tissues during various surgical maneuvers
  • Highly effective space creation and maintenance in the anterior chamber during IOL implantation8
  • Great retention during phacoemulsification9
  • Excellent optical clarity9
  • Ease of injection
  • Fast and easy removal9
Protecting layers
ZEISS provides two different OVDs to coat the delicate ocular tissues giving you the freedom to choose between a moderate and a comprehensive solution.


Low-viscosity dispersive OVD - providing protection in surgery

  • Protection of the endothelium through coated ocular tissues during various surgical maneuvers10
  • Good space partition
  • Well suited as lubricant for intraocular lenses and instruments
  • Available in large volume syringe (2.1 ml)
  • Multipack option (pack of 10 pc)


Medium-viscosity dispersive OVD - a safeguard in surgery

  • Reliable protection of the endothelium during various surgical maneuvers
  • Great space partition
  • Excellent optical clarity7
  • Short aspiration time6
  • Available in large volume syringe (0.85 ml)
  • Multipack option (pack of 10 pc)
Space creators
ZEISS offers different levels of viscous-cohesive OVDs with increasing viscosity and subsequently varying space creation and maintenance. This product range allows you to pick the best fit for your surgical and patient needs.


Viscous-cohesive OVDs – with versatility and ease of space maintenance in surgery

  • Varying effectiveness of space creation and maintenance in the anterior chamber
    as a result of increases in molecular weight
  • Good to very good capsular bag inflation
  • Optimal chamber retention
  • Smooth injection
  • Fast and easy removal
  • Available in high volume syringes (1ml, 1ml, 0.55ml / 0.85 ml)
  • Multipack option (pack of 10 pc)


Super-viscous cohesive OVD – with excellent performance in space maintenance even in challenging surgery cases

  • Excellent space creation and maintenance due to super high molecular weight
  • Very good capsular bag inflation
  • Optimal optical clarity
  • Very easy injection
  • Faster and easier removal

Economic solution

ZEISS also provides OVDs in multipacks, in addition to single packs. ZEISS MULTIPACK saves space, costs and waste.

ZEISS Multipack

Your favorite box of ten


ZEISS OVDs available in 10 syringe multipacks:

  • COMBIVISC (pack of 5 pairs)
  • Z-HYALIN plus
  • Z-HYALON plus




COMBIVISC Presentation

The perfect match

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file size: 973 kB

ZEISS OVD Portfolio

The power of choice at every step

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The perfect match of two OVDs for the entire ophthalmic surgery

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The perfect match

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Technical Specifications

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Technical Specifications

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Technical Specifications

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Technical Specifications

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Technical Specifications

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Technical Specifications

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Technical Specifications

2 page(s)
file size: 237 kB

ZEISS injectors

A selection of high-end injectors from ZEISS has been aligned with the requirements of our IOL portfolio. It provides a choice of different injector formats based on usability, diopter power and workflow preferences. Preloaded or fully preloaded options are available to facilitate the surgical workflow and enable micro incision surgery.


Discover the diverse IOL portfolio from ZEISS that meets all patient needs. Our quality and expertise to provide a wide range of intraocular lenses, covering the entire spectrum of monofocal, bifocal, toric, EDoF and trifocal lenses. This includes well-known IOL shapes like C-Loop and 4-point haptic, featuring hydrophilic and hydrophobic lens properties.

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