For easier handling and a reliable workflow.

ZEISS Injectors

ZEISS injector range

For an improved workflow

Cataract surgery injectors developed to improve your surgery workflow and to ensure smooth and controlled IOL implantation.

Giving you confidence during and at the final step of implantation.

Provided hands-on videos and handling instructions have been put together to familiarize you with the ZEISS injector systems available, and their recommended usage in particular.


For ZEISS micro incision IOLs

BLUEMIXS 180 injector handling instructions video

  • 1.8 mm incision
  • Large loading chamber
  • Unrestricted access for IOL loading
  • Safety of preloaded IOLs
  • Controlled and linear injection
  • Minimizes surgically induced astigmatism through micro incision surgery

VISCOJECT™ – BIO 1.8 and 2.2

For standard and micro-incision surgery of hydrophilic ZEISS IOLs

VISCOJECT – BIO 1.8 injector
  • 1.8 and 2.2 mm incision
  • Optimized gliding properties
  • Smooth and steady injection of IOL
  • With soft tip technology
  • Single-use injector
  • For a wide variety of hydrophilic ZEISS IOLs


For standard incision, high diopter range, hydrophilic IOLs from ZEISS

ACCUJECT 3.0-1P injector
  • 3.0 mm incision
  • High diopter range (sphere + 31.0 to + 45.0 D)
  • For standard incision, monofocal, hydrophilic ZEISS IOLs

AT.Shooter™ A1-2000 and A2-2000

For standard and micro incision, hydrophilic IOLs from ZEISS

AT.Shooter A1-2000 injector
  • 1.8 mm and 2.2 mm incision
  • Reusable injector
  • For micro and standard incision surgery with ZEISS hydrophilic IOLs

SkyJet™ 2.8

For preloaded hydrophilic IOLs from ZEISS

SkyJet 2.8 and 3.2
  • 2.8 mm incision size
  • Single-use injector


Handling instructions

BLUEMIXS 180 Injector from ZEISS

Handling instructions

2 page(s)
file size: 259 kB

ACCUJECT 3.0-1P injector set with ZEISS CT SPHERIS 204 und ZEISS ASPHINA 404

Handling instructions

2 page(s)
file size: 110 kB

VISCOJECT-BIO 2.2 Injector Set

Handling instructions for CT SPHERIS 204, CT ASPHINA 404, and high diopter ZEISS toric IOLs

2 page(s)
file size: 205 kB

AT.Shooter A2-2000

Handling instructions for non-preloaded monofocal and monofocal toric MICS IOLs

2 page(s)
file size: 284 kB

AT.Shooter A1-2000 with VISCOJECT-BIO 2.2 Cartridge Set

Handling instructions for CT 47LC, CT 47S, CT 37A and AT LISA 801

2 page(s)
file size: 287 kB

VISCOJECT-BIO 1.8 Injector Set

Handling instructions for non-preloaded ZEISS MICS IOLs

2 page(s)
file size: 189 kB

CT LUCIA 211P, 611P/PY

Handling instructions

2 page(s)
file size: 209 kB

SkyJet 2.8 Injector Set

Handling instructions for preloaded CT ASPHINA 603P and CT SPHERIS 203P

2 page(s)
file size: 241 kB


Discover the diverse IOL portfolio from ZEISS that meets all patient needs. Our quality and expertise to provide a wide range of intraocular lenses, covering the entire spectrum of monofocal, bifocal, toric, EDoF and trifocal lenses. This includes well-known IOL shapes like C-Loop and 4-point haptic, featuring hydrophilic and hydrophobic lens properties.


ZEISS offers a broad portfolio of Balanced Salt Solutions (BSS) and Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Devices (OVDs) to meet surgeons’ needs at every step of the cataract surgery.

Services in focus

ZEISS financial solutions

The smart way to acquire ZEISS technology

Would you like to use the latest technology from ZEISS and only pay for the consumable items that you need? Our financing option ZEISS FlexConsume makes this possible.

Digital service hub

Less administrative efforts, more time for essential tasks

The ZEISS digital service hub gives you direct access to your cataract and retina products from ZEISS – exclusive, free of charge and around the clock. Place your orders and manage your consignment stock now - it´s easier and quicker than ever before.

Vision simulation tool

A schematic presentation of visual perception

This interactive tool enables you to explain the different IOL categories by simulating the pre- and post-surgical visual experience. It helps you to guide your patients through the decision for the IOL type, providing the best individual fit. Start integrating the Vision Simulation Tool into your patient consultations now!

Lens constants

Optimized for IOL calculation

Highly accurate IOL power calculation requires optimization of lens constants. Import optimized ULIB lens constants into the ZEISS IOLMaster with this tool.

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