ZEISS NURA Video Laryngoscope

Technology supporting increased distancing to patients for health care professionals.

Responding to the COVID-19 infections ZEISS engineers and medical specialists teamed up to introduce solutions that help medical personnel to keep safe distance while treating COVID-19 or other infectious patients.

Starting July 2020, ZEISS introduces the ZEISS NURA Video Laryngoscope to support anesthesiologists and emergency responders. This instrument will be distributed through a clinic partnership program. The instrument consists of a disposable laryngoscope with built-in illumination and camera and a reusable display unit.

Integrate to observe

Help to protect

Visualize to separate

Integrate to observe

High-resolution display unit to visualize the laryngeal and oropharyngeal anatomy in high quality.

Help to protect

Single-use laryngoscope for high hygiene demand and to potentially help reduce cross-infection1.

Visualize to separate

Separate patient and physician during a fast intubation with indirect visualization via camera and LED light.

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ZEISS NURA Video Laryngoscope

Dimensions (for Macintosh Size 4)

213 mm x 173 mm x 46 mm


150 g laryngoscope

150 g display unit

300 g total

Light source

High-intensity white LED

Light intensity

Up to 1,8 lumen


CMOS color camera
640x480 px

Protection class

Laryngoscope: IP67
Display unit: IP68

Battery life

Up to 10 hours
(Rechargeable via USB-C interface)

Display unit

5,8” OLED screen
Available resolution: 2280x1080
Used resolution: 1440x1080

Available blades

MacIntosh size 4
(MacIntosh size 3 - available in fall 2020)

(see user manual for details)

Laryngoscope: Single-use
Display unit: High level manual disinfection (wipe disinfection)

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