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Performance OCT

Proven analytics

Patient-first design

Performance OCT.
100,000 scans per second to power your practice.

CIRRUS® 6000 is the next-generation OCT from ZEISS, delivering high-speed image capture with HD imaging detail and a wider field of view so you can make more informed decisions and spend more time with the patients who need it.

Learn how you can maximize patient throughput and practice efficiency with ZEISS CIRRUS 6000.

100 kHz OCT
27 kHz OCT
270 % faster OCT scans
100 kHz OCTA
68 kHz OCTA
43 % faster OCTA scans

Faster, wider with a new level of detail

At 100,000 scans per second, ZEISS CIRRUS 6000 enables clinicians to image a larger field of view up to 12mm in a single scan. It also captures high-defintion (HD) OCT and OCT Angiography (OCTA) scans, revealing the finer microvascular details of the retina and providing more insight into your patient’s condition.

ZEISS CIRRUS 6000 12 mm HD 1 Line raster 100x averaged
12 mm HD 1 Line raster 100x averaged
ZEISS CIRRUS 6000 12x12 mm single-shot AngioPlex OCT Angiography of branch retinal vein occlusion (BRVO)
12x12 mm single-shot AngioPlex OCT Angiography of branch retinal vein occlusion (BRVO)
ZEISS CIRRUS 6000 8x8 mm HD AngioPlex OCT Angiography of proliferative diabetic retinopathy, PDR
8x8 mm HD AngioPlex OCT Angiography of proliferative diabetic retinopathy, PDR
ZEISS CIRRUS 6000 Making the revolutionary, routine.

Making the revolutionary, routine.

ZEISS AngioPlex OCT Angiography

AngioPlex® OCT Angiography from ZEISS ushers in a new era of eye care with non-invasive imaging of retinal microvasculature—taking glaucoma and retinal disease management and treatment planning to the next level. By offering the industry’s most comprehensive tools for assessing and analyzing a range of pathologies, ZEISS provides a complete OCT Angiography (OCTA) solution.

Proven analytics.
CIRRUS-powered treatment decisions.

As the pioneering OCT technology, the CIRRUS platform offers clinicians extensive, clinically-validated applications—for retina, glaucoma and anterior segment—that allow for precise analysis, faster throughput, and smarter decision-making across a range of clinical conditions and patient types.

Patient-first design.
Unique patient-centric platform designed for the future.

With ZEISS CIRRUS, your patient data is never left behind. CIRRUS is the platform that allows seamless transfer of raw, dynamic patient data from previous generations, allowing clinicians to manage their patients with utmost care, across generations.

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CIRRUS 6000 from ZEISS

CIRRUS 6000 from ZEISS

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