When you experience the difference of superior phaco efficiency.


ZEISS VISALIS 500 family

Experience the difference

Equipped with the new APM® (Advanced Power Modulation), ZEISS VISALIS S500 and V500 provide the basis for:

  • Reduced phaco energy1
  • Capturing followability1
  • Superior cutting efficiency1
  • Improved chamber stability1


APM is an automated pulse-shaping modulation technology that combines burst and pulse ultrasound energy into one modulation pattern.


Visalis 500 family

Reduced phaco energy

On the whole, APM lowers the measured effective phaco time (EPT) by as much as 73%.1

Capturing followability

Its capturing followability attracts and continuously engages nuclear fragments on the phaco tip without repulsion.1

Visalis 500 Family

Improved chamber stability

In addition, APM accelerates cataract removal and improves anterior chamber stability by 32%.1

Superior cutting efficiency

APM provides the efficiency of the burst to impale the nucleus and the speed of pulse to remove the quadrant.1


The modular phaco and vitrectomy system


The ZEISS VISALIS S500 can be upgraded to a ZEISS VISALIS V500 at any time, on site. You can expand into vitreoretinal procedures whenever you want.

In addition to premium cataract technologies, ZEISS VISALIS V500 features leading posterior vitrectomy functions – eliminating the need for external modules and saving space.

Experts discuss the ZEISS VISALIS 500 family

Prof. Norbert Körber, MD

Cologne, Germany

Dr. Gonzalo Bernabeu, MD

Clinica Vallès of Alcala de Henares
Madrid, Spain

Dr. Ettore Destro, MD

Istituto Clinico Cittá Studi,
Milan, Italy

Clinical examples

Prof. Norbert Körber, MD

Surgeon technique: Direct chop
Cataract grade: Moderate hard
Device parameters: Vacuum (300 mmHg) and ultrasound (40 μm) with venturi

Dr. Pierre Bouchut, MD

Surgeon techniqe: Divide and conquer
Cataract grade: Moderate hard
Device parameters: Vacuum (400 mmHg) and ultrasound (40 μm) with venturi

Dr. Keiki R. Mehta, MD

Surgeon technique: Direct chop
Cataract grade: Hard / brown
Device parameters: Moderate vacuum (250 mmHg) and ultrasound (40 μm) with venturi


VISALIS 500 Family and Visalis 100 from ZEISS

Accessory catalog

20 page(s)
file size: 1,461 kB




Experience the difference

12 page(s)
file size: 974 kB

Articles and clinical cases

New Phaco Technology reducing Phaco Energy: The VISALIS 500 Family APM™ ULTRASOUND MODULA TION

4 page(s)
file size: 64 kB

A new concept of faster and more balanced CATARACT SURGERY: The VISALIS 500 Fa mily APM™ ultrasound modulation

4 page(s)
file size: 68 kB

The VISALIS 500 Family Phaco Technology: An Innovative Ultrasound Delivery Mode for a New Concept of Improved Cataract Surgery

6 page(s)
file size: 80 kB

Phaco efficiency of a new ultrasound modulation APM™ (advanced power modulation) in hard nuclei

4 page(s)
file size: 74 kB

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