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Truly customizable surgical packs

Prepare for cataract surgery with OPTIKIT® from ZEISS to save time in surgical preparation and optimize your workflow.

ZEISS OPTIKIT surgical packs provide you with high-quality components for ophthalmic surgery, including ZEISS products, phaco accessories and consumables, to complete a single cataract procedure. As your reliable partner in cataract workflow optimization, ZEISS provides you with the right solutions at every step of the surgery.

Streamline surgical preparation

Efficient OR routine

Quick and easy setup

Streamline surgical preparation

consumables and ZEISS products in one sterile pack

From standard components to ZEISS products and phaco accessories, every item you choose is placed in the same sterile pack for added convenience and a more efficient surgical preparation. In addition to high-quality consumables, you have the option to include ZEISS products and phaco accessories such as QUATTRO Cassette for ZEISS QUATERA 700, Phaco Sets, I/A Handpieces, and ZEISS miLOOP.

With a wide range of single-use items to choose from, ZEISS is your trusted partner for cataract and IVT procedures.

Configure your individual ZEISS OPTIKIT with standard consumable items, or combine your selection with ZEISS products and phaco accessories. Take full control when creating a surgical pack as needed by your team and according to your workflow.

ZEISS Products and Phaco Accessories

QUATTRO Cassette for ZEISS QUATERA 700, Phaco Sets, I/A Handpieces, Covers and ZEISS miLOOP.

Ophthalmic Instruments

Knives, Cannulas, Forceps, Syringes and more.


Gowns, Drapes, Table Covers, Gloves and more.

Efficient OR routine

sequential packing that matches your workflow

Define the order in which your selected components are placed in the ZEISS OPTIKIT, to add efficiency in your surgical preparation. Benefit from a personalized packing option that is tailored to your workflow needs and discover new ways to optimize surgical workflows and enable a quick OR turnaround.

Quick and easy setup

via ZEISS digital configurator

Conveniently create your customized order with your ZEISS representative via the ZEISS digital configurator. Together, choose the most suitable product combination from the extensive ZEISS portfolio and define the shipment schedule.

Select the ZEISS OPTIKIT option that fits your needs.

  • ZEISS OPTIKIT customized: Standard components, such as knives, cannulas, drapes, swabs, gowns, and gloves and more
  • ZEISS OPTIKIT customized+: ZEISS products and phaco accessories for ZEISS QUATERA 700 and ZEISS miLOOP, in addition to standard components



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