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PRESBYOND Laser Vision Correction

Whether for its customized treatment profiles, its visual acuity at all distances, its indications range or its immediate impact, PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision from ZEISS is a clear treatment choice for the fast growing demographic of patients with presbyopia. Based on the naturally occurring spherical aberrations of the eye, PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision extends the scope of customized ablation beyond the limits of conventional monovision laser method.

Learn why Refractive Experts chose to have PRESBYOND Laser Vision Correction on their own eyes. Find out, what were their motivations, options they considered and why they finally chose PRESBYOND.

My aim was to free myself from the need to wear glasses for reading.

Oscar Mallo

Oscar Mallo, MD is the first surgeon in Argentina to use PRESBYOND, and currently, only a few other surgeons in his country are doing the procedure. As both, a surgeon performing and a patient having been treated with PRESBYOND he describes why he is greatly benefiting clinically and personally from this treatment option.

Considering my experience, I have no doubt that if I were to go back to the time when I was deciding what I should do to eliminate my need for reading glasses, I would not hesitate to choose PRESBYOND again.

Dr. Crewe-Brown

To avoid needing reading glasses after 18 years of annoyance and frustration, medicolegal expert Dr. Crewe-Brown underwent treatment
with PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision from ZEISS. 

The long-term results of my customized procedure are excellent and I remain pleased with the decision I made 12 years earlier to undergo the surgery.

Pait Teesalu

Having undergone surgery 12 years ago, cataract and refractive surgeon Pait Teesalu from Estonia is still pleased with his long-term results of PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision. Learn about his experiences and read the case.

Presbyopic commercial airline pilot finds a class one medical approved corneal refractive surgery solution for presbyopia.

Read the case where the very demanding visual needs of a presbyopic aeromedical pilot were achieved with PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision.

I realized the time had come to “drink my own Kool-Aid” and have surgery.

Dan Reinstein

Professor Dan Reinstein developed PRESBYOND in 2004 and has used this technique to treat over 5,000 patients to date. Find out how this emmetropic ophthalmologist developed presbyopia and then bypassed purchasing spectacles by having surgery and taking his own medicine.

It was getting difficult for me, to read the digits on my watch. That’s the real trigger for me to do something on my presbyopia.

Leonard Teye-Botchway

61 year old ophthalmologist Dr Leonard Teye-Botchway from Bermuda is a keen fitness enthusiast. He cycles, boxes and runs cross fit. Challenged with outdoor pursuits, constantly changing between spectacles in routine clinic work and patients’ “disappointment” at him wearing spectacles motivated him to opt for an eye laser correction. Watch his story and treatment with PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision.

I decided to take the plunge myself and undergo presbyopia correction.

Sri Ganesh

Over the last 15 years, Dr Sri Ganesh has performed various presbyopia-correcting procedures on a variety of patients. With his vast experience in all these options, learn why he chose to have PRESBYOND Laser Vision Correction on his own eyes.

How to grow your practice with presbyopic patients

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Undergoing PRESBYOND and no longer needing to wear glasses has made me feel younger again.

Fernand de Wilde

What was the decisive moment for Fernand de Wilde, MD to have PRESBYOND Laser Vision Correction on his own eyes at the age of 55? Learn about his experiences on the day of surgery and days following after.

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