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ZEISS VISUCAM Fundus Cameras Brilliance in every detail

ZEISS VISUCAM fundus cameras, with a 24-megapixel sensor and revolutionary ZEISS optics, produce brilliant, ultra-high resolution, detail-rich images to effectively aid in diagnosing and monitoring a broad range of eye diseases – from glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy to macular degeneration (AMD).

Greater diagnostic insight


Enhanced practice performance

Greater diagnostic insight. Ultra-high resolution retinal imaging.

Greater diagnostic insight. Ultra-high resolution retinal imaging.

Versatility. Fully-featured retinal camera with all of imaging modes.

Enhanced practice performance. Simple and fast data transfer.

ZEISS VISUCAM offers the most necessary tools for performing routine procedures onboard, but can also easily transfer its data to other peripherals. USB and Ethernet ports provide a means to connect VISUCAM to external storage media or to your network. With automatic data transfer to the ZEISS FORUM data management solution or to the ZEISS VISUPAC image archiving system, all data can be reviewed and archived at any place within a network, an available EMR or HIS database.


VISUCAM Fundus Imaging from ZEISS
Brilliance in every detail
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Prof. Dr. Bernhard Wolf
Huan Feng

Fundus Autofluorescence Imaging
Clinical Applications and Comparison between Technical Solutions

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2015-09-15 · EN_31_200_0031I
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Specification Comparison



Fluorescein angiography (FA)


Fundus auto fluorescence (FAF)

Fundus auto fluorescence (FAF)

Indocyanine green angiography (ICGA) (optional) 


Fundus camera system

Field angle

45° and 30°

Capture modes

Color, red-free, blue, red and fundus autofluorescence images, stereo pairs and images of the anterior segment


Optical filters for capture modes: Filters for green and blue pictures, filters for fundus autofluorescence images, UV/IR barrier filters

Compensation for ametropia

+35 D… –35 D, continuous

Capture sequence  

from 1.5 seconds (depends on flash energy)    

Pupil diameter


≥ 4.0 mm
≥ 3.3 mm (30° small pupil mode)

Working distance


40 mm (patient’s eye – front lens)

Capture sensor  


CCD 24-megapixels  


23” TFT (1920 x 1080), connected via medical power supply  

Fixation targets

External and internal; four sizes of internal fixation target including a circle (for AMD patients).
Attention mode for internal fixation target; various programmed sequences or freely positionable in combination with stereo mode

Flash energy

Xenon flash lamp, 24 flash levels (max 80 Ws)


Patient information and images with field angle, FA time, R/L recognition and date of visit are stored


Computer / Accessories


Operating system

Windows Embedded Standard 7

Hard drive

Storage of approx. 80,000 images possible (present size of HDD: 420 GB)


USB ports and network connectors, DVI port


Supported image formats: DICOM-OP and VL, BMP, TIFF, JPEG
Patient list, DICOM MWL, DICOM storage

Instrument table

Asymmetric, suitable for wheelchair


Network printer, USB memory stick, monitor bracket, sliding keyboard shelf for
instrument table, VISUPAC archiving and image analysis system, Network isolator



Basic device

410 mm x 480 mm x 735 mm (W 16.14 x D 18.90 x H 28.94 inches)


544 mm x 45 mm x 329 mm (W 21.4 x D 1.8 x H 12.9 inches) (depends on model)

Weight (basic device)

27.5 kg (60.7 lbs)

Rated voltage

100 … 240 V ±10% (self-adjusting)


50 / 60 Hz

Power consumption

340 VA maximum (basic device); 60 VA maximum (monitor)


K2 Instrument Table



710 mm (min) to 925 mm (max); 27.9" to 36.4"

Base footprint (WxL)

870 mm x 600 mm; 34.2" x 23.6"

Table Top (WxL)

914 mm x 457 mm; 36.0" x 18.0"


Input Power

230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 130 VA or 100-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 115 VA

Output Power

230 VAC, 10 A or 100-120 VAC, 10 A; Four integrated outlets



Wheelchair accessible


Table weight

35 kg (77.2 lbs), approx.

Maximum load

125 kg (275 lbs)

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