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Revolutionize and differentiate your practice

ZEISS EXTARO 300 is poised to revolutionize and differentiate dental practices with Augmented Visualization, Digital Patient Communication and Single-Handed Operation.

ZEISS EXTARO 300: Revolutionize and differentiate your practice
ZEISS Connect App

Record wirelessly to the ZEISS Connect App, from where images and videos can be direcly transferred to your local network.

Augmented Visualization

Fluorescence Mode: Helps to identify suspected carious tissue / lesions under microscope visualization. Supports to differentiate tooth material.
NoGlare Mode: Supports to analyze and restore teeth without distracting reflections.
TrueLight Mode: Prevents premature composite curing while working in a more natural light environment.

Multifunctional Mode Control

Activate all Augmented Visualization Modes, Capture Modes as well as light settings to adjust the brightness and the motorized SpotLight diameter – with only one finger.

Varioskop 230

Adjust the focal length to focus with a variable working distance of 200-430 mm.

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