Mastering the complex.

The Robotic Visualization System®KINEVO® 900 from ZEISS combines optical and digital visualization modalities, offers ZEISS QEVO – the unique Micro-Inspection Tool and will impress you with its Surgeon-Controlled Robotics.

Surgeon-Controlled Robotics

Digital Hybrid Visualization

Integrated Micro-Inspection Tool

Discover how ZEISS KINEVO enables you to gain greater certainty in a virtually disruption-free workflow

Surgeon-Controlled Robotics

Experience Surgeon-Controlled Robotics to discover a new level of precise positioning. This innovation enables intelligent positioning functions – reducing manual hassle. And, helping you to focus on your treatment. ZEISS KINEVO 900 delivers a lot more positioning precision with a lot less effort.

Digital Hybrid Visualization

ZEISS KINEVO 900 introduces a revolutionary dimension in surgical visualization: welcome to a world of heads-up, ocular-free surgery! With integrated 4K and 3D visualization technology, ZEISS KINEVO 900 gives you the freedom of choice – like never before. What’s more… it takes your surgical education and training possibilities to the next level.

ZEISS QEVO – The Micro-Inspection Tool

Experience QEVO® from ZEISS – the unique Micro-Inspection Tool. Go beyond the straight line view of a surgical microscope. Visualize the missing critical information behind tissue or corners. ZEISS QEVO enhances your surgical visualization by complementing the microsurgical view and enabling you to look around corners.

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Digital connectivity. Transforming ORs.

ZEISS KINEVO 900 offers full digital connectivity.

Manage surgical data wherever you are: ZEISS Connect App enables you to access your surgical data from your iOS device, and also delivers dedicated functionalities for efficient workflows.

Take teaching to new heights: ZEISS Observe App enables you to virtually broadcast your procedure in the OR. Your students can follow the live surgery directly on mobile screens or immerse themselves in a rich VR Experience.

Succeeding. The smart way.

With Smart Services from ZEISS

Is maintaining system availability of critical importance to you?

If this is the case, you should opt for fast, qualified assistance with
an OPTIME service agreement including new digital services: ZEISS Smart Services enables faster support for you and your team with remote connectivity. Benefit from the increased system availability powered by a secure connection between your ZEISS KINEVO 900 and ZEISS.

Completing the package

Connecting simplicity and innovation

SMARTDRAPE® from ZEISS introduces an innovative drape to ZEISS KINEVO 900. The only drape designed together with ZEISS KINEVO 900.

Benefit from a vivid view and efficient patient protection. Eliminate guesswork and complexity with the innovative folding process. Intuitively attach the lens to the Robotic Visualization System with its simple self-locking mechanism.
Easily activate AutoDrape® with the integrated RFID chip.

Intraoperative Fluorescence1. Redesigned.

Your own Power of "Four".


Available in HD: Visualize even the sub-millimeter blood vessels and vessel patency in brilliant quality with the INFRARED 800 for ZEISS KINEVO 900.


Based on INFRARED 800 video FLOW® 800 from ZEISS delivers a more convenient visual assessment of the increase in the fluorescence intensity during the procedure.

Depiction of a tumor under fluorescent light (BLUE 400 - the red areas indicate the tumor) and under normal lighting conditions (second image).


Intraoperatively visualize tumor² tissue with the only surgical microscope integrated fluorescence module proven in a successfully conducted Phase III multi-center study3.


Take advantage of the first ZEISS intraoperative fluorescence module highlighting green-yellowish fluorescence stained structures while leaving the non-stained tissue in its natural-like color.

  • 1 Please use the fluorescent agent as per the approval status for the application in your country.
  • 2 BLUE 400 is not approved for tumor visualization in the US; but allows the fluorescence observation of fluorophores with an excitation peak between 400 nm and 410 nm and the fluorescence emission observation comprising the spectrum in a spectral band of 620 - 710 nm.
  • 3 Stummer W, Pichlmeier U, Meinel T et al: Fluorescence-guided surgery with 5-aminolevulinic acid for resection of malignant glioma: a randomized controlled multicentre phase III trial. Lancet Oncol 7: 392-401, 2006.
  • 4 Obtained within the scope of a clinical investigation.

ZEISS INFRARED 800 – virtually uninterrupted focus.

ZEISS INFRARED 800 optimizes the workflow by delivering a live overlay in the oculars – for a virtually uninterrupted workflow.

Peer Insights

Clinical experiences with ZEISS KINEVO 900 and QEVO

Laboratory evaluation of a robotic operative microscope - visualization platform for neurosurgery.

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Endoscopic Micro-Inspection Tool assisted tumor resection and neurovascular surgery

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Experience ZEISS KINEVO 900 within the ZEISS Tumor Workflow


Explore procedure workflow for brain tumor treatment


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KINEVO 900 Brochure EN
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Image courtesies of:
Dr. Robert F. Spetzler and Dr. Peter Nakaji from Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
The image of BLUE 400 is courtesy of Prof. Dr. Walter Stummer, University Clinic, Muenster, Germany.