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ZEISS QEVO – The Micro-Inspection Tool

See more with less effort.

Visualize the missing critical information behind tissue or corners. ZEISS QEVO enhances your surgical visualization by complementing the microsurgical view and enabling you to look around corners.

Freedom of choice with 4K visualization.

Especially in extreme working angles, the fully integrated 4K visualization of ZEISS KINEVO 900 can relieve the strain a classic optical approach poses while delivering outstanding 4K picture quality.

Dr. Daniel L. Barrow Department of Neurosurgery, Emory University Hospital Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I can anticipate the QEVO will be extremely useful in aneurysm surgery after clipping an aneurysm to be able to look around the corners to be sure that small perforating arteries aren’t included in the clip and the parent vessel isn’t compromised.

Enhance your surgical visualization for deeper insights and discover unexplored areas during microsurgical intervention without additional footprint.

Inspect the perforator or examine the distal neck of the aneurysm to ensure the clip blades are fully extended.

ZEISS QEVO is always available and truly integrated! Just plug into ZEISS KINEVO 900 and switch back and forth between views. ZEISS QEVO is fully autoclavable! So there's no need for additional draping.

A. Sheikh FRCS (SN) Neurosurgeon, Leeds General Infirmary, UK

[...] You can insert the QEVO in line with your view – with your microscopic view. But then the 45 degree angle at the end of the endoscope allows you to look around the corner. [...] I now often use it as part of the resections and not just as an inspection tool. Once you reached the limits of what you can achieve with the standard microscopic approach we insert the QEVO [...].

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Image courtesies of:
Dr. Robert F. Spetzler and Dr. Peter Nakaji from Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.