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Experience improved ergonomics during glaucoma surgery.

The design of ZEISS ARTEVO 800 allows for complete heads-up
surgery, eliminating the need to look through the oculars of an analog microscope. As you view exceptional images on a large 3D monitor during time-intensive glaucoma procedures, the heads-up experience can result in reduced neck and back pain. In the short term, you can potentially treat more patients per day, while the more natural upright position can prove to be physically beneficial over the course of years.

Improved ergonomics

Get improved ergonomics for your health.

For many surgeons, serious neck and back pain from poor posture is a daily concern that can have longterm consequences, such as frequent headaches or chronic neck pain. Heads-up surgery is a recognized solution – and more than 90% of anterior segment surgeons confirm ergonomics as a main advantage of working with the ZEISS ARTEVO 8001.

Clearly distinguish the details of the eye.

With amazing natural colors and 25% more resolution1, you can distinguish the many shades of white seen during glaucoma surgery. The advanced optics of ZEISS ARTEVO 800 can help you make more informed decisions, giving you the opportunity to improve overall performance and reach the outcomes you expect.

ZEISS ARTEVO 800 Glaucoma surgery
Image courtesy of: Ingeborg Stalmans MD, 2020.

Look into the angle with the motorized tilt.

To better observe the iridocorneal angle, tip the microscope head as needed with the motorized tilt. This allows for a flexible perspective of your glaucoma procedure.

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