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A new era in visualization for greater certainty in surgery.

ZEISS worked with surgeons to create an innovation that has been built from the ground up to smoothly integrate digital technology into optics specifically designed for surgery. Visualization, information, comfort, and workflow in the operating room have all evolved to meet the needs of the modern surgeon in a modern world. 

Hybrid Mode

View through the oculars or view your surgery as a 3D image only on the large screen. The large 3D image is available, whether you choose to use oculars or not.

Cloud Connectivity

Integrates seamlessly with the ZEISS Cataract Suite to allow surgeons to access data and images from the cloud, with a one-click transmission to facilitate the process.


Automatically adjusts settings to your workflow without additional interaction.

4K monitor

Stereoscopic 3D image viewed on a 55” 4K monitor that can be positioned anywhere in the operating room.


Featuring two 3-chip 4K cameras, the optical system is optimized to produce remarkably clear images in natural color, with reduced latency.


Make immediate decisions based on real time data that can be overlaid onto the active image without blocking the surgeons’ view of the eye.

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