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The microscope for every ophthalmic specialty

Whether preserving or restoring a patient’s sight, the OPMI LUMERA® 700 from ZEISS is the surgical microscope for every ophthalmic specialty. Experience markerless IOL alignment and integrated intraoperative OCT imaging – all in one device – from the ophthalmic microscope market leader.

ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 700 is part of our commitment to helping you succeed in your OR. It’s also part of the ZEISS Cataract Suite, which includes leading products designed to work together for markerless toric IOL alignment.

Seeing to succeed in cataract surgery

Precise1 and efficient2 markerless toric IOL alignment

ZEISS CALLISTO eye® markerless alignment eliminates the need for manual marking steps. The result is efficient2 and more precise1 toric IOL alignment with reduced residual astigmatism.3 For all cataract surgeries, ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 700 provides outstanding anterior views and precise1 assistance functions, thanks to its patented SCI illumination, ZEISS optics and ZEISS CALLISTO eye.

I save 6 minutes in surgery workflow per patient compared to manual marking.

Wolfgang Mayer, MD, Augenklinik der Universität München, Germany
  • Get cataract assistance: The assistance functions of ZEISS CALLISTO eye are completely surgeon-controlled with either the foot control panel or handgrips.
  • Achieve efficient2 markerless IOL alignment: Data is transferred smoothly to CALLISTO eye from the IOLMaster® from ZEISS to create overlays in the eyepiece.
  • Enhance efficiency: Save time and reduce residual astigmatism by skipping manual preoperative marking, manual data transfer and manual intraoperative marking.
  • Improve surgery setup: Optimize light intensity, magnification and centration of the live image with the guided image quality check.
  • Get exceptional details: The well established Stereo Coaxial Illumination (SCI) delivers highly stable and high contrast red reflex, even with advanced cataracts.

Seeing to succeed in glaucoma surgery

Improved visualization

As minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) and canaloplasty procedures evolve, intraoperative OCT plays an increasingly important role, particularly for monitoring implants such as stents in difficult to see spaces. The integrated intraoperative OCT4 images of the ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 700 enable a clear visualization of the device placement to help achieve excellent outcomes.

Intraoperative OCT gives me better control in modern glaucoma surgery through visualization of MIGS and canaloplasty.

Hagen Thieme, MD, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, Germany
  • Make well-informed decisions: The distortion-free computer-enhanced intraoperative OCT images enable you to visualize detailed structures in the correct physiological shape.
  • Stay focused: The automatic XY tracker maintains the selected intraoperative OCT4 scan location and compensates for movements of the eye or microscope.
  • Protect the retina: The integrated retina protection filter shields the retina from excessive light exposure.
  • Maintain flexibility: Tilt the microscope head as needed to better observe the iridocorneal angle.

Seeing to succeed in cornea surgery

Reduce graft manipulation

While clinical results have shown that using intraoperative OCT4 can reduce cell loss,5 studies have also revealed that intraoperative OCT4 from ZEISS can lead to quicker decisions6 and reduced manipulation time.

The integrated intraoperative OCT4 of the ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 700 visualizes the actual physiological shape of the cornea in two different scan views. Switch between views with a touch of the finger or tap of the foot and make faster decisions.

I reduced graft manipulation time by 4.2 minutes during DMEK.

Alain A. Saad, MD, Fondation Rothschild, Paris, France
  • Make faster decisions: Quickly change between high-resolution OCT scans (2.9 mm scan depth in tissue) and large overview images (5.8 mm scan depth in tissue) to visualize and assess graft orientation.
  • Save time with easy graft monitoring: In DMEK procedures, monitor the graft orientation and assess the interface with the patient’s cornea, as well as verify proper graft positioning.
  • Secure big-bubble procedure: Better evaluate DALK dissection depth using OCT4 imaging and reduce perforation risk.
  • Get full integration: The integrated slit illuminator7 provides four slit widths with left-right slit movement for easy observation of the cornea and anterior chamber.

Seeing to succeed in retina surgery

Make more informed decisions

With innovative technologies such as integrated intraoperative OCT4 and the non-contact fundus viewing system RESIGHT® 700 from ZEISS, the ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 700 provides superb clarity and critical insights when performing retina surgery procedures.

Intraoperative OCT revealed undetected macular holes after peeling in 10% of highly myopic eyes.

Ramin Tadayoni, MD, PhD, University of Paris VII - Sorbonne Paris Cité, Paris, France
128D wide-field lens

128D wide-field lens
For peripheral visualization and a clear overview during vitrectomy

60D macular lens

60D macular lens
For high magnification of the macula

  • Get superb OCT images: The integrated intraoperative OCT1 adds a real-time third dimension to visualization capabilities for viewing transparent structures of the eye.
  • Stay focused: The automatic XY tracker maintains the selected intraoperative OCT1 scan location and compensates for movements of the eye or microscope.
  • Complete your surgery with confidence: Verify that all necessary membrane residue has been completely removed following ILM peelings with OCT1 imaging, plus detect macular holes.
  • See more details: ZEISS RESIGHT 700 provides detailed views of the retina, enabling surgeons to switch magnification quickly and stay focused on the area of interest.

Succeed in teaching

Share what you see during surgery

ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 700 features excellent tools for enhancing the learning experience by providing students a clear understanding of the surgical process. Whether during surgery, viewing through the assistant scope or reviewing post-surgery, ZEISS delivers images with excellent contrast, color and high resolution.

Your students can clearly follow the surgery to unblock the Schlemm‘s canal.
Your students can clearly follow the surgery to unblock the Schlemm‘s canal.
  • Enrich the experience: The TRENION 3D HD from ZEISS provides 3D images that allow students to see what the surgeon sees, resulting in a high-definition surgical experience.
  • Record everything: Use a USB device to document the cockpit view, assistance functions and intraoperative OCT4 images, while ZEISS CALLISTO eye, together with a data management system such as FORUM from ZEISS, records live images on multiple drives.
  • Share all the details: The new ZEISS CALLISTO eye cockpit allows doctors and students to see data in the eyepiece, from all connected devices.



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