High-quality visualization.



Shedding light on the details for better decision making


The OPMI LUMERA® family from ZEISS represents excellence in optics and illumination. The ZEISS OPMI Lumera i with ZEISS high-quality visualization technology, including Stereo Coaxial Illumination (SCI), will make a difference in how well you see the details during cataract and retina surgery.

  • See minute structures during surgery
  • Identify details of the retina
  • See overlays of the assistance functions in the eyepiece
  • Manage depth of field with the push of a button
  • View structures in the eye in natural colors


Lumera i red reflex


With Stereo Coaxial Illumination (SCI), ZEISS OPMI Lumera i incorporates a well established illumination technology for the red reflex. Contours are more visible and you can see details of the ocular anatomy that you have never seen before. With this illumination technology, very little light is required to generate the red reflex.

OPMI Lumera i Centrally controlled

Centrally controlled

ZEISS OPMI Lumera i adjusts to your needs, not the other way around. The surgical microscope’s touch screen allows control over both the microscope head and the video camera. The operation of the display is intuitive and easily accessed.

OPMI Lumera i freedom of movement

Small and easy to move

For freedom of movement – even when OR space is limited. Combined with the compact suspension system, ZEISS OPMI Lumera i is also good for smaller operating rooms such as those in ambulatory surgery centers.

OPMI Lumera i Foot control panel

Foot control freedom

The foot control panel offers positioning flexibility and the ability to configure functions based on preferences.

External video components

Video cameras

TRIO 610

TRIO 610 HD camera system

To support all requirements or wishes for customized video solutions, external components can be mounted to the surgical microscope system. The external attachment via standard optical and mechanical interfaces increases the flexibility and retrofitability of the surgical microscopes.

The high definition camera system with apochromatic video optics allows surgical microscope images to be generated with enhanced resolution and color rendition. The camera can be used for information, documentation, teaching and presentation of high quality images.


ZEISS RESIGHT 500 for retina surgery

RESIGHT 500 for retina surgery

OPMI Lumera i and RESIGHT® 500 fundus viewing system allow you – the retinal surgeon – to clearly recognize every detail of the retina. As these products work together seamlessly, they offer unparalleled convenience in the OR.

ZEISS invertertube

RESIGHT safety distance

Invertertube – for a fast change

Conversions between cataract and retina surgery are a thing of the past. The function of the inverter is already integrated into the binocular tube. An ergonomic design allows the surgeon to sit upright and work in comfort.



Efficient Workflow

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