ZEISS OPMI Lumera T Excellence in illumination

The OPMI Lumera® T from ZEISS delivers excellence in optics and Stereo Coaxial Illumination (SCI) reveals the fine details for better decision making. With the External Data Injection System (EDIS) you can see overlays on the live image in the eyepiece. For flexibility in the OR the ZEISS OPMI Lumera T can be equipped with a completely integrated assistant’s microscope. Effortless positioning with magnetic brakes provides handling comfort – quality made by ZEISS.

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Effortless positioning

Independent second view

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Instant red reflex brightly illuminates the eye – due to Stereo Coaxial Illumination (SCI) from ZEISS – even with mature cataracts.

Integrated Superlux® Eye xenon illumination allows you to view the structure of the eye in great detail.

Effortless positioning

When the brakes are released the system smoothly glides into a new position. When locked, the surgical microscope remains firmly in place.

Independent second view

The ZEISS OPMI Lumera T surgical microscope can be equipped with a completely integrated assistant’s microscope. The second surgeon selects the focus and magnification independently of the primary surgeon, thus enabling active assistance.

Options & Accessories

Lumera i foot control

Foot control panel

Give you and your team more cable-free space in the OR. The foot control panel offers positioning flexibility and the ability to configure functions based on your preferences. The ergonomically designed foot panel allows you to control your surgical microscope – intuitively and reliably. 

Lumera i camera system

TRIO 610 HD camera system

The high definition camera system with apochromatic video optics provides surgical microscope images generated with enhanced resolution and color rendition. To support all requirements or wishes for customized video solutions, external components can be mounted to the surgical microscope system. 

Lumera t fundus viewing


Hands-free focusing with the RESIGHT® 700 from ZEISS fundus viewing system provides a clear view of every detail of the retina and allows more focus on the patient. Fast, convenient and sterile access to a second lens to view between wide field and high magnification.

Lumera i inverter tube


The Invertertube can be used for all types of procedures, considerably reducing reconfiguration. The function of the inverter is already integrated into the binocular tube. An ergonomic design allows the surgeon to sit upright and work in comfort.


Excellence in illumination
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Technical data

Surgical microscope

Apochromatic optics

Motorized zoom system, 1:6 zoom ratio,
magnification factors = 0.4 to 2.4

Focusing range: 50 mm

Binocular tube: Invertertube®
(optional 0-180° tiltable tube)

Eyepieces: 10x (12.5x optional)

Objective lens f = 200 mm (f = 175 mm optional)

DeepView: depth of field management system

Integrated assistant’s microscope

Fully stereoscopic


SCI: red reflex illumination and surrounding field
illumination, both dimmable, patent pending

Retinal protection device

Fiber optic illumination

Light source

Superlux Eye xenon light source with manual bulb change

HaMode filter

Optional: 12V, 100W halogen light Source with fully automatic bulb
change in case of lamp failure

Option: dual halogen light source

Optional: xenon / halogen combi light source

Integrated 408 nm UV barrier filter

Blue-blocking filter

Optional: fluorescence filter

X-Y coupling

40 mm x 40 mm adjustment range

Button for starting positions of the X-Y coupling and focus


13.7 kg (30.2 lb)
(with Invertertube, integrated assistant’s microscope, objective lens and eyepieces)

Suspension system

S88 floor stand

Maximum load: 20 kg (44.1 lb) (complete microscope equipment, including accessories)

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