S100 / OPMI 1-FC

ZEISS OPMI 1 FC is available in specific markets only.

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ZEISS OPMI 1 FC Space-saving surgical microscope for routine ENT applications

OPMI® 1 FC from ZEISS symbolizes quality, precision and reliability. By helping define the field of microsurgery, the system has built its own legacy.

There are not many ENT surgical microscopes that have stood the challenges of time for over 50 years! The quality and precision of ZEISS OPMI 1 FC represent timeless values in medicine.



Quality in details

ZEISS OPMI 1 FC is easy to use and delivers high fidelity images with the legendary ZEISS optics. This manual operating microscope enables you to quickly and easily attain the focus and illumination levels – in routine examinations and surgical procedures.

Conveniently moved away from the operating field, the ZEISS OPMI 1 FC automatically shuts off by raising the surgical microscope arm upward into the stand-by position.

Adaptability in set up

ZEISS OPMI 1 FC is a flexible product that is easy to maneuver into virtually any position. When not in use, the surgical microscope compactly folds together, providing additional space in typically crowded operating rooms.

The surgical performance of ZEISS OPMI 1 FC with its effortless and versatile product operation add up to an adaptable surgical microscope for routine ENT applications.

Options & Accessories

This space-saving surgical microscope can be tailored to your personal needs in routine ENT applications. Configure ZEISS OPMI 1 FC with video solutions & accessories to fit your needs.

System Illumination

System illumination is automatically activated or shut off when moved into the working or stand-by position, respectively.

Drapes with VisionGuard Lens

Drapes from ZEISS are manufactured with VisionGuard® from ZEISS, a unique, optical lens that works with the surgical microscope’s objective like a single optical unit for optimum optical clarity. An ingenious design enables the lens to be replaced with a new sterile lens during surgery without compromising sterility.

ZEISS MediLive® Primo – 1-Chip SD Camera System

ZEISS MediLive® Primo – 1-Chip SD Camera System

Standard definition video camera system for information, documentation, teaching and presentation of microscope images.


Standard definition (SD) video recorder that enables clinicians to record videos and capture still images. Using the MEDIALINK® 100 from ZEISS, standard definition videos and images can be transferred to USB storage media or file servers.

ZEISS FlexioStill Adapter

ZEISS FlexioStill Adapter

The FlexioStill® adapter from ZEISS enables clinicians to choose from a variety of digital compact cameras which can be attached to the surgical microscope.

ZEISS FlexioMotion Adapter

ZEISS FlexioMotion Adapter

The FlexioMotion® adapter from ZEISS allows you to attach digital compact camcorders to the surgical microscope.

HD Flat Panel Display

HD Flat Panel Display

Medical grade HD video monitors (1080p) are available in different sizes that match the surgical microscope video solutions.



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Specifications S100 / OPMI 1-FC


Manual ZEISS magnification changer, 1:6 ratio in 5 steps

Focusing system

Manual, using the focus adjusting knob, focusing range: 40 mm

Objective lenses

Different focal lengths from f = 200 mm to f= 400 mm, graded in steps of 50 mm

Tubes / Eyepieces

  • Straight tube, f = 170 mm
  • 45° Inclined tube, f = 170 mm (optional), 10x or optional 12.5x widefield eyepieces


Coaxial illumination, 100W halogen lamp, backup lamp in fast-action lamp changer

Rated voltage

115V / 230V

Rated frequency

50 Hz – 60 Hz


  • S100 floor stand: approx. 90 kg (with OPMI)
  • S100 wall mount: approx. 45 kg (with OPMI)
  • S100 ceiling mount: approx. 55 kg (with OPMI)

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