OPMI PENTERO 800 Multidiciplinary Surgical Microscope

ZEISS OPMI PENTERO 800 Multidisciplinary surgical microscope

Designed to meet the surgical demands across disciplines, OPMI® PENTERO® 800 from ZEISS enables you to navigate through delicate structures in deep channels, work through long hours and addresses your needs to maximize OR efficiency. Whether you perform neurosurgery, ENT, spine, or plastic & reconstructive surgery – ZEISS OPMI PENTERO 800 supports you in surpassing the daily challenges of surgery.

Visualize the details

Perform at ease

Maximize OR efficiency

Visualize the details

Navigating through deep channels and complex structures requires optimum illumination and magnification. ZEISS OPMI PENTERO 800 brings all your details of interest sharply into view – both in the eyepieces and the on-screen display.

  • The two-channel xenon illumination and fluorescence options1 deliver visual clarity.
  • Coupled with up to 39x magnification boost, the multidisciplinary microscope brings all details of interest sharply into your view.

Equipped with a fully integrated video chain, ZEISS OPMI PENTERO 800 delivers consistently sharp images without external equipment.

Perform at ease

Understanding the rigorous and demanding routine of the modern surgeon, ZEISS OPMI PENTERO 800 features intelligent ergonomic properties designed to enhance handling while streamlining overall surgical workflow. Functions like the free-floating suspension and a dynamic foldable tube facilitate increased magnification and positioning flexibility as well as user comfort. These unique design elements help to significantly minimize physical strain for the operating surgeon and surgical assistant.

Maximize OR efficiency

Your time is of the essence. A faster room turnaround in the surgical OR enables a higher patient throughput and procedural efficiency. ZEISS OPMI PENTERO 800 aims at delivering the same – no matter which surgical discipline. Packed with technologies like AutoBalance, AutoDrape®, and FlexiTrak functions, OPMI PENTERO 800 enables OR personnel to realize this efficiency potential.

Options and Accessories

Drapes with VisionGuard Lens

Drapes with VisionGuard lens

The unique VisionGuard® optical lens from ZEISS provides an optimally clear view through the objective while enabling sterility.

Mouth switch

Mouth switch

Whether by touchscreen, handgrips, or mouth switch, the intuitive operation is designed for maximum ease of use.

Wireless Foot Control Pane

Wireless foot control panel

Conveniently control up to 14 different surgical microscope functions with the wireless foot control panel.

Wireless Foot Control Pane


Simply activate AutoDrape to automatically evacuate the air from the sterile drape within seconds.

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Specifications ZEISS OPMI PENTERO 800

Technical Data

Rated voltage

(115V): 100 V–125 V
(230V): 220 V–240 V


Current consumption

Max. 1.200 VA


Rated frequency

50 Hz–60 Hz


Electrical standard

Complies with IEC 60601-1:2005+A1:2012; UL 60601-1; CAN / CSA-C22.2


Protection class I, degree of protection IP20


Class 2 laser product as per IEC 60825:2007, IEC 60825:2014



Weight max. 365 kg
Weight of the surgical microscope incl. transport container: approx. 610 kg


Standard and optional features

Apochromatic optics

Motorized focus; Varioskop® with working distance 200–500 mm  


Motorized zoom; 1:6 zoom ratio  


10x magnetic widefield eyepieces with integrated eyecups



Superlux® 330 light source with 2 x 300 W xenon


Automatic Iris Control for adjusting the illumination to the field of view


Individual light threshold setting


Focus Light Link: working distance controlled light intensity


Display of remaining lamp life time



Multifunctional programmable handgrips


Magnetic clutches for all axes


Touchscreen user interface


XY robotic movement in 3 axes (variable speed)


Autofocus with 2 visible laser dots, automatic mode with magnetic brakes




AutoDrape - air evacuation functionality

Mouth switch fine balance



22" HD video touchscreen on extendable arm


Integrated 3-CMOS SD video camera


Integrated video still image capturing on HDD and USB-media


Integrated 3-CMOS HD video camera

Integrated SD or HD video recording and editing

Adaptation of consumer (SLR) photo/video camera

Intraoperative fluorescence2




Connectivity / Data management

Video-in for external SD video sources


Navigation interface

Interface for micromanipulator  


DICOM module


12.5 x magnetic widefield eyepieces with integrated eyecups

Straight tube, focal length f = 170 mm

Stereo co-observation tube

Foldable Tube f170/f260, including the PROMAG function for additional
50 % magnification and integrated rotate function

Wired foot control panel

Wireless foot control panel

Mouth switch

3-Step Magnification Changer

✓ Standard
○ Optional



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  • 1 Please use fluorescent agent as per the approval status of the application in your country.
  • 2 OPMI PENTERO 800 can be equipped with up to two of the three available fluorescence options.