ZEISS OPMI pico multidisciplinary microscope
S100 / OPMI pico


Compact microscope for ENT and Gynecology

ENT & Gynecology specialists around the world put their trust in the premium optical performance and proven quality they have come to expect from ZEISS for their daily work. OPMI® pico from ZEISS offers the clarity, usability and quality you require by combining legendary ZEISS optics with user-friendly features in a compact and robust design. For ENT examinations to minor outpatient surgery as well as for Sexual Assault Documentation (SAD) for gynecology, ZEISS OPMI pico lets you focus on what matters most – your patient.




Clarity you can see

ZEISS OPMI pico brings fine structures and details into clear view. State-of-the-art visualization technologies such as LED illumination and Varioskop® 100 deliver clear visibility.

More importantly, they help you to perform high-quality examinations, treatments and small outpatient surgeries with a high level of consistency.

Usability you can feel

ZEISS OPMI pico is equipped with a user-optimized design and intelligent functions. Smart design elements such as the fully integrated HD video chain and a sensor-controlled stand-by position enable a streamlined clinical workflow. Experience a compact design and ergonomic functions in your daily work.

Quality you can rely on

The highest possible standards are an integral part of any surgical microscope from ZEISS. ZEISS OPMI pico is designed to optimally support you for years to come. Its design allows you to easily upgrade.

Options & Accessories

Varioskop 100 for OPMI pico multidisciplinary microscope

Varioskop 100

The Varioskop 100 objective lens provides a large field of view while also enabling fine focus within the region of interest – without moving the surgical microscope. Maintain your ideal ergonomic position by selecting a preferred working distance for ear, nose or laryngeal procedures using the positionable adjustment knob.

Surgical Drapes with VisionGuard Lens for OPMI pico

Drapes with VisionGuard lens

Surgical Drapes from ZEISS are manufactured with VisionGuard® from ZEISS, a unique, optical lens that works with the surgical microscope’s objective like a single optical unit to ensure optical clarity. The lens can be replaced with a new sterile lens during surgery without compromising sterility.

Endoscopic camera attachements for OPMI pico

Attachment of endoscopic cameras

Quickly attach an available endoscope camera to ZEISS OPMI pico.

can be adjusted to your personal needs and requirements

Adjustable to your practice environment

ZEISS OPMI pico is available with different suspension systems: S100 floor stand, ceiling mount or wall mount. It can also be integrated into your treatment unit.

Adapter for digital cameras

ZEISS FlexioStill adapter

The FlexioStill® adapter from ZEISS enables you to choose from a variety of digital compact cameras which can be attached to the surgical microscope.

Adapter for digital camcorders

ZEISS FlexioMotion adapter

The FlexioMotion® adapter from ZEISS allows you to attach digital compact camcorders to the surgical microscope.

Adapter for SLR cameras

SLR camera adapter

The SLR adapter f = 340 mm allows still image documentation with SLR cameras perfectly adapted to the surgical microscope. 

Video displays

HD flat panel displays

Medical grade HD video monitors (1080p) are available in different sizes that match the surgical microscope video solutions.


OPMI pico from ZEISS
Performance you can trust
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OPMI pico from ZEISS
Product specifications
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S100 / OPMI pico from ZEISS


Manual apochromatic magnification changer



10x wide-field eyepieces


12.5x wide-field eyepieces   


Straight tube, focal length f = 170 mm


Tiltable tube 0-180°, f = 170 mm

Foldable Tube f 170 / f 260, incl. PROMAG function for additional 50 % magnification and integrated rotate function


Objective lens f = 250 mm


Objective lenses from f = 200 mm to f = 400 mm, in steps of 50 mm

Varioskop 100 (optional), focusable working distance 200–300 mm

Illumination system

100 W halogen illumination


LED illumination

Hand grip

Comfort T hand grip


Hand grips (front)

Mount mobility

120° coupling


Standard coupling


Floor stand


Wall mount with long arm

Ceiling mount

Integration into treatment unit2

High Definition video

HD-ready 720p

Full HD 1080p

HD video camera live & streaming
(Full HD 1080p) with recording license

HD monitors

External video solutions

Adapter SLR camera

FlexioStill Adapter for digital cameras

FlexioMotion Adapter for digital camcorders



VisionGuard® Lens Protectors

Surgical Drapes, sterile

Sterilizable Asepsis Caps
and hand grip covers

Instrument tray on floor stand


✓ Standard
○  Option

S100 Floor Stand

S100 Floor Stand

S100 Wall Mount 

S100 Wall Mount

S100 Ceiling Mount 

S100 Ceiling Mount

Available services

  • 1 Service offerings can vary in different countries. Please contact your local sales representative for more information.
  • 2 Please contact your local treatment unit dealer for more information.