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Comfort and precision for microdentistry

OPMI PROergo® from ZEISS is a dental surgical microscope with excellence at your fingertips. It offers a variety of convenient, motorized functions that support effortless handling and mechanical stability. The virtually free-floating system allows smooth and precise movement in an appealing and sleek design.

Utilizing ZEISS OPMI PROergo during treatment facilitates a comfortable working position. The ergonomic design helps prevent back and neck pain.

Optics & illumination

Comfort & handling


Digital visualization

See more – treat more

ZEISS OPMI PROergo enables you to view regions that are otherwise difficult to see. The coaxial illumination directs light to where it is needed. Even very narrow root canals are effectively illuminated and visualized.

Comfort and easy handling – for your own health

Sit comfortably in an upright, ergonomically correct position during treatment for a more relaxed working day. ZEISS OPMI PROergo helps prevent the early onset of fatigue as well as neck and back problems.

Balance and brake – for effortless and precise positioning

By unlocking the magnetic clutches on the handgrip, you can maneuver ZEISS OPMI PROergo easily into the desired working position – even if additional accessories such as the co-observation tube and photo adapter with SLR camera are simultaneously connected.

  • Free Float Magnetic System for maneuvering the ZEISS OPMI PROergo effortlessly.
  • The system can compensate for accessories weight up to 14 kg.
Dental surgical microscope images in state-of-the-art full HD picture quality.

Digital visualization – for greater clarity

A picture is worth a thousand words: Patients ask for detailed information to help them understand the examination, courses of treatment and the expected outcomes. Clear images and videos are extremely valuable to enhance your patient’s understanding and acceptance:

  • HD video camera
  • Digital HD video recorder to save high-quality videos and photos
  • Adapter for digital photography

Options & accessories

With light temperature characteristic of natural daylight for highest demands.

Xenon illumination

Enables an assistant to follow the procedure live at the same magnification level.

Stereo co-observation tube

Enables Increases depth of field.

Double iris diaphragm

For better ergonomics and additional 150% detail magnification with PROMAG function.

Foldable Tube f170/f260

Enables to visualize and work on difficult to reach areas while staying in an ergonomically correct seated position.

Angled optics and tube dovetail

For hands-free zoom and focus operation.

Foot control panel

Fast, automatic focusing.

Autofocus function SpeedFocus

Helps ensure sterile work environments.

VisionGuard® drape

For asepsis.

Sterilizable caps and handgrip drapes

Allows to visualize the dental surgical microscope images in state-of-the-art full HD picture quality.

1Chip HD Camera

Allows still image documentation with SLR cameras adapted to the dental surgical microscope.

Adapter for SLR cameras

Enables to choose from a wide variety of digital compact cameras which can be attached to the dental surgical microscope.

FlexioStill® adapter for digital cameras

Allows to attach digital compact camcorders to the dental surgical microscope.

FlexioMotion® adapter for camcorders


Comfort and precision
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S7 / OPMI PROergo from ZEISS

Magnification system

Motorized zoom system; with apochromatic 1:6 ratio; magnification factor Y = 0.4x–2.4x  


Continuous motorized focusing via Varioskop

Focusing range of 200-415 mm

SpeedFokus only in combination with the video camera

Operating concept   

Free Float Magnetic System


Multifunctional, programmable handgrips


LCD display with user guidance


Foot control panel for zoom and focus


Tiltable tube 0-180°


Foldable tube f170/f260, incl. PROMAG function boost to 150 % magnification and detail magnification   


12.5x wide-field eyepieces; also suitable for eyeglass wearers


10x wide-field eyepieces; also suitable for eyeglass wearers

10x or 12x wide-field eyepieces with reticle; also suitable for eyeglass wearers

Magnification range  

Example with working distance 300 mm and 12.5x eyepieces:
Magnification 2.3x up to 14x;
Field-of-view diameter: 75 to 16 mm  



Halogen illumination with 2 halogen reflector lamps in the quick-change module


Xenon illumination, with daylight characteristic including 2 xenon lamps in the quick-change module

Integrated coaxial cold light illumination


Orange filter for composite materials and swing-in illumination diaphragms 


High Definition video   

1Chip HD Camera (1080p), 1/3” CMOS Output: DVI, HD-SDI, S-Video (optional)

HD video recorder

HD monitors


Angled optics optional with tube dovetail

Double iris diaphragm to increase the depth of field

Beam splitters: Angled optics documentation port, optional with tube dovetail

Beam splitter with documentation port

Stereo co-observer

Foot control panel for zoom and focus

Photo adapter for SLR cameras (f = 340 mm)

FlexioStill adapter for digital cameras   

FlexioMotion adapter for digital camcorders

Splash protection for the objective lens

Sterilizable asepsis caps and handgrip covers

Instrument tray on floor stand

•  Standard
★ Option

Floor stand •

Wall mount (short/long arm) ★ 

Ceiling mount ★ 

S7 Centro Mount for KaVo CENTRO-suspension system ★ 

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