S88 / OPMI Vario

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ZEISS OPMI Vario / S88 Efficient and versatile surgical microscope

Optics and illumination have been the centerpiece of ZEISS surgical microscopes in the past, and the OPMI® Vario from ZEISS is no different. ZEISS OPMI Vario delivers on its promise of high image quality, resolution and color fidelity and visualization with its pioneering optical design together with its highly precise suspension system. Enabling you to expand your vision – ZEISS OPMI Vario provides efficiency and versatility in one.

Surgical efficiency in OR

Complementing the brilliant optics, a rock-steady suspension system of ZEISS OPMI Vario is a must for good visualization. Once positioned, the surgical microscope stays where needed, allowing clinical staff to focus on the surgical procedure.

Spine surgery. Image courtesy of Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Neurosurgery. Image courtesy of Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Ear nose and throat surgery. Image courtesy of Professor emeritus Atsushi Komatsuzaki, Tokyo Medical and Dental University School of Medicine, Japan
Plastic reconstructive surgery. Image courtesy of St.-Elisabethen-Krankenhaus Ravensburg, Germany
Easily assume a comfortable position on either side of the surgeon with stereo co-observation tube.
Surgeon and the assistant to work together efficiently in face-to-face procedures with symmetrical stereo bridge.

Versatility in set up

ZEISS OPMI Vario lives up to its name. Together with its expandability ZEISS OPMI Vario is a versatile surgical microscope for neurosurgery, spine surgery, ENT surgery and plastic & reconstructive surgery. It is suitable for both routine and more complex procedures in these disciplines.

Options & Accessories

The modular design of ZEISS OPMI Vario makes it possible to tailor the system to personal needs and to the requirements of many clinical disciplines. Configure this efficient and versatile surgical microscope to fit your needs.

TRIO 610 3-Chip HD Camera

The ultra-compact TRIO 610 3-Chip HD camera provides high definition video quality.


Standard definition (SD) video recorder that enables clinicians to record videos and capture still images. Using the MEDIALINK® 100 from ZEISS, standard definition videos and images can be transferred to USB storage media or file servers.

HD Flat Panel Display

Medical grade HD video monitors (1080p) are available in different sizes that match the surgical microscope video solutions.

ZEISS FlexioStill Adapter

The FlexioStill® adapter from ZEISS enables clinicians to choose from a variety of digital compact cameras which can be attached to the surgical microscope.

ZEISS FlexioMotion Adapter

The FlexioMotion® adapter from ZEISS allows you to attach digital compact camcorders to the surgical microscope.

SLR Camera Adapter f=340mm

The SLR adapter f=340 mm allows still image documentation with SLR cameras.

Foldable Tube f170/f260

Foldable Tube f170/f260

The flexible Foldable Tube f170/f260 offers increased positioning capability, magnification and user comfort. With a quick dial turn, the integrated PROMAG functionality provides an additional 50 percent magnification gain.

Increased working distance using the Auxiliary Lens

Increased working distance using the Auxiliary Lens

The Auxiliary Lens increases working distance (to 535 mm), allowing optimal instrument guidance and better visibility in narrow, deep-lying approaches.

Drapes with VisionGuard Lens

Drapes with VisionGuard Lens

Drapes from ZEISS are manufactured with VisionGuard® from ZEISS, a unique, optical lens that works with the surgical microscope’s objective like a single optical unit for optimum optical clarity. An ingenious design enables the lens to be replaced with a new sterile lens during surgery without compromising sterility.

Wireless foot control panel

Wireless foot control panel

The wireless foot control panel can be freely positioned in the OR – without the hindrance of cables. By controlling multiple
microscope functions, it frees the surgeon’s hands for the procedure.


OPMI Vario from ZEISS
Expand your Vision

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file size: 4.114 kB

Specifications S88 / OPMI Vario


Motorized ZEISS zoom, 1:6 ratio, adjustable via handgrip or foot control panel

Focusing system Varioskop®

Internal, motorized, continuously adjustable, triggered via handgrip or foot control panel

Working range

  • 200 – 415 mm
  • 210 – 535 mm with Auxiliary Lens (optional)

Main binocular tube

  • 0-180° tiltable tube, f = 170 mm, 10x or 12,5x widefield eyepieces
  • Foldable tube f170 /f260, including PROMAG function for additional 50% magnification and integrated rotate function (optional)


Superlux® 180 for main and backup illumination: 180 W xenon lamp with daylight color temperature, backup xenon lamp in fast-action changer

Rated Voltage

(115 V): 100 V - 120 V
(230 V): 220 V - 240 V

Rated frequency

50 Hz – 60 Hz

Power consumption

(115 V): max 1000 VA
(230 V): max 2200 VA

Circuit breaker



  • S88 floor stand with rigid column: Approx. 215 kg (with OPMI)
  • S88 floor stand with lifting column: Approx. 240 kg (with OPMI)

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