ZEISS EyeMag Medical Loupes
responsibilityMADE BY ZEISS
Treating with flexibility. ZEISS EyeMag Medical Loupes
responsibilityMADE BY ZEISS
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EyeMag Dental Loupes
Treating with flexibility. ZEISS EyeMag Pro

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EyeMag Pro Medical Loupes

  • Highlights
    EyeMagPro Man

    ZEISS EyeMag Pro

    Advanced visualization for professional applications

    Experienced users with higher magnification needs will appreciate the advanced visualization capabilities of the ZEISS EyeMag® Pro. Available in various magnification levels (3.2x–5x), ZEISS EyeMag Pro medical loupes provide high-contrast stereoscopic images with edge-to-edge sharpness for detail recognition and differentiation. When magnification is not needed, the loupe can simply be flipped up.

    Fitted in either a lightweight titanium eyeglass frame (ZEISS EyeMag Pro F) or with a headband (ZEISS EyeMag Pro S), the medical loupes offer settings for a wide range of tilt and angle views while supporting a comfortable, ergonomic working position. Settings are quick and easy to adjust and remain stable at all times.

    An advanced visualization system

    ZEISS EyeMag Pro F

    Medical loupes with titanium eyeglass frame

    You can select the carrier that fulfills your individual preferences. With the titanium frame, ZEISS EyeMag Pro loupes offer a carrier into which prescription lenses can be easily integrated. The soft nose bridge and adjustable headband enable a perfect, comfortable fit.

    EyeMag ProS

    ZEISS EyeMag Pro S

    Medical loupes with headband

    Over longer wearing periods, the headband on the ZEISS EyeMag Pro S medical loupes ensures comfortable weight distribution. The personal setting options on the ZEISS EyeMag Pro medical loupe headband facilitate an ergonomically correct treatment position with every tilt angle.

  • Options & Accessories

    All accessories are included in the standard delivery package.

    Pro protective lens

    Protective lens

    Protect the eyes against splashes and particles
    EyeMagPro ContactGuard

    Contact guards

    Sterilizable. For positioning of the medical loupe.
    Pro Sideshield

    Sideshields for EyeMag Pro F medical loupes

    Protect the eyes against splashes and particles.
  • Technical Data

    EyeMag® Pro – optical properties

    Kreis pro 400
    Working distance (mm) 300 350 400 450 500
    Working distance (inches) 12 14 16 18 20
    Magnification 4x 5x 3.6x 4.5x 3.5x 4.3x 3.3x 4x 3.2x 4x
    Field-of-view diameter in mm












    Standard delivery package of EyeMag Pro F and EyeMag Pro S

    Optics Featuring a Kepler design
    EyeMag Pro F carrier Titanium eyeglass frame
    Sizes: S, M, L with elastic headband and soft nose bridge
    EyeMag Pro S Carrier Headband, which can be adjusted to wearer's head
    Lens protection device Protects against splashes and particles with ZEISS anti-reflective coating
    Contact guard Sterilizable to reliably swing loupes up and down
    Side shields for EyeMag Pro F
    Side protection against splashes and particles
    Soft case High-quality, shock-proof protection for your medical loupes and accessories
  • Downloads

    EyeMag Medical Loupes for surgery

    Seeing is believing

    Page(s): 16
    Filesize: 1,592 kB

    EyeMag Medical Loupes for dentistry

    Page(s): 16
    Filesize: 1,722 kB

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