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Simplify Visibility with the new ENT microscope.

Experience breakthrough visualization capabilities combined with an optimized workflow when using EXTARO® 300 from ZEISS for tympanoplasty, myringotomy, stapedectomy, mastoidectomy and transoral laser surgery. Discover now.

Save valuable time focusing on what matters most: your patients.

Augmented Visualization

MultiSpectral Mode

Low-color contrast often makes it difficult to recognize critical anatomical structures. The MultiSpectral Mode of ZEISS EXTARO 300 enhances this contrast, for example to better distinguish between vasculature and tissue. Discover the Multispectral Mode and see the difference1.

Experiencing the Multispectral Mode and better distinguish between vasculature and tissue Experiencing the Multispectral Mode and better distinguish between vasculature and tissue

Experience the Multispectral Mode.1

NoGlare Mode

Sometimes light reflections complicate the surgical procedure. The new NoGlare Mode of ZEISS EXTARO 300 suppresses these obtrusive reflections, allowing for a faster and more detailed distinction of anatomical details and artificial implants. 
Experience the NoGlare Mode – try it yourself2.

Discovering the NoGlare Mode to allow a faster and more detailed distinction of anatomical details Discovering the NoGlare Mode to allow a faster and more detailed distinction of anatomical details

See the Difference - with NoGlare Mode.2

Multispectral Mode and NoGlare Mode of ZEISS EXTARO 300 enable a more accurate assessment of the situation and leads to better outcomes.

Single-Handed Operation

Any adjustment or repositioning of an ENT microscope can greatly disturb focus and cost you valuable time.

Thanks to ZEISS EXTARO 300, you can perform procedures with maximum focus and efficiency. Best in class.

Using the Mode Control Button of ZEISS EXTARO 300 to activate visualization modes

With the Mode Control button, ZEISS EXTARO 300 allows you to activate all visualization modes and camera functionalities without taking your eyes off the surgical field. With its innovative balancing and movement system, frequent repositioning will not be a burden on your procedure. 

Operate the Varioscop 230 with one finger to easily set the field of view

The new Varioskop® 230 can be operated with just one finger to maximize ergonomics. Effortlessly set the field of view and focus over a wide working range of 200 to 430 mm.

Digital Data Management

High patient throughput and the associated documentation can be tedious when collecting, organizing and storing procedure-related images and videos.

ZEISS Connect App offers an easy and efficient pathway to a structured data management approach. Documentation completed.

ZEISS Connect App allows you to easily visualize, organize and archive photos and videos from your surgical cases.

Use the Procedure Architect to organize your records according to your customized workflows, transferring data wirelessly to your existing network, and benefiting from automated archiving.

See how it works and get inspired.

What Your Peers Think.

First impressions of ZEISS EXTARO 300

Watch the following videos and get to know first impressions of Prof. Mark Praetorius (University Clinic of Heidelberg, Germany) and Mark Syms M.D. (Arizona Ear Center, Phoenix, Arizona, USA) on the new ZEISS EXTARO 300.

When you’re interested in further impressions on all the benefits of the new ZEISS EXTARO 300 to be shared in the upcoming weeks as well as in

  • clinical videos on Augmented Visualization
  • an interactive demo on Single-Handed Operation and/or
  • the advantages of Digital Data Management

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Optimizing your operation

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For maximum system uptime and convenience you might want to consider a service agreement for your ZEISS EXTARO 300. Depending on the service package you choose, OPTIME service agreements from ZEISS cover preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and spare parts.

Also available are different financing options. These ZEISS Financial Solutions allow you to acquire ZEISS technology developed specially individual needs.

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