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innovationMADE BY ZEISS
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innovationMADE BY ZEISS
neurosurgical microscope
innovationMADE BY ZEISS
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innovationMADE BY ZEISS

Neurosurgical Microscopes from ZEISS

Your solution for highly demanding neurosurgical procedures

Since the development of the first surgical microscope, neurosurgical microscopes from ZEISS have continually evolved to meet the demands of one of the world's most challenging medical profession. Whether you specialize in cranial, tumor or spine surgery, ZEISS neurosurgical microscopes are designed to meet the great challenges and demands of different neurosurgical procedures.

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Delivering brilliant visualization, advanced ease of use and true system integration, ZEISS neurosurgical microscopes enable you to focus on the treatment. Packed with innovations, they offer quality as well as reliability supporting better outcomes.

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Developed with neurosurgeons for neurosurgeons



OPMI® PENTERO® 900, a premium neurosurgery microscope from ZEISS, drives technological evolution to the next level through medical innovations that advance neurosurgical care.

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