Enabling greater spectacle independence and less visual side effects. ZEISS EDoF IOLs


Perfect balance of spectacle independence and less visual side effects

ZEISS EDoF IOLs are the latest developments in ZEISS´ leading IOL portfolio. They were designed to provide excellent vision from far through intermediate distances, inducing less visual side effects than multifocal IOLs.

EDoF IOLs combine both advantages: a high spectacle independence and reduced visual side effects. Therefore they are optimal for patients leading an active lifestyle and wishing to attain spectacle-free vision for most activities but who are sensitive to halos and glare at night.

Choosing the right IOL for the patient is a key factor in determing the success of cataract surgery. ZEISS offers a range of advanced solutions to cover individual patients' needs. If you wish to find out if the EDoF lens would be the right choice for your patient or if a multifocal IOL would be a better option, please visit the website: www.zeiss.com/presbyopia-correcting-iols



Clinical studies performed with ZEISS AT LARA IOLs confirm the superior performance of the lenses.

Recently Dr. Kretz presented a case report on the implantation of the new AT LARA toric. He implanted the lens in his own refractive manager, who is very happy with the post-operative visual results.

According to Dr. Kretz the AT LARA family offers an additional option of individualized patient care, providing patients with excellent visual performance.

The study performed by Dr. Poyales shows that ZEISS AT LARA is able to provide a functional restoration of the visual function across distances, with very high levels of patient satisfaction and minimal incidence of photic phenomena.


A wider range of focus

The ZEISS AT LARA family is the next-generation EDoF IOL platform offering a wider range of focus than earlier generations of EDoF IOLs.

AT LARA IOLs provide patients with a perfect balance of high spectacle independence and less visual side effects. The new toric version also allows surgeons to treat patients with astigmatism.

ZEISS injectors

A selection of high-end injectors from ZEISS has been aligned with the requirements of our IOL portfolio. It provides a choice of different injector formats based on usability, diopter power and workflow preferences. Preloaded or fully preloaded options are available to facilitate the surgical workflow and enable micro incision surgery.


ZEISS offers a broad portfolio of Balanced Salt Solutions (BSS) and Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Devices (OVDs) to meet surgeons’ needs at every step of the cataract surgery.

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