Spectacle independance

True Living Vision

for an active life without glasses

Patient satisfaction

with AT LISA tri 839MP and AT LISA tri toric 939MP

Freedom from vision restrictions and corrective glasses is the wish of most cataract, presbyopia or astigmatism patients. With the exceptional performance of the ZEISS AT LISA tri family an active life without limitations becomes reality, satisfying the needs of even the most demanding patients.

Most patients are totally satisfied with the postoperative outcomes and the attained vision quality.


With the ZEISS AT LISA tri family, patients experience enhanced contrast sensitivity resulting in better night vision. Moreover, they report less dysphotopsia and, due to quick neural adaptation1, they can enjoy the benefits of trifocal IOLs shortly after implantation.


In the end, the majority of patients do not need glasses in their daily lives. Spectacle independance after the AT LISA tri implantation reaches nearly
100 %.1


The referral rate for AT LISA tri IOLs from ZEISS is also very high: 97% of the patient treated with these lenses would recommend them to their families and friends; as shown in a recent Mexican study.1

Patient's testimonial

“I am still amazed how good my vision has become after the operation. Much better than I ever imagined. I can read small print and drive at night without any problems. Before, those activities were a real bother to me ... Now I do not wear glasses at all and feel absolutely free.”


Patient‘s testimonial

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