Monofocal aspheric preloaded IOL with a 3-haptic design

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  • Highlights


    - aspheric preloaded monofocal IOL with a 3-haptic design

    CT ASPHINA 603P is designed to optimize visual acuity by combining the advantages of negative SA lenses and aberration-neutral IOLs.
    By mimicking the spherical aberration of a young healthy phakic eye with slightly positive aberrations, it delivers superior vision quality, while preserving the depth of field.

    • High quality image for large range of patients
    • Maintained depth of field
    • Enhanced contrast perception in mesopic conditions
    • Low sensitivity to decentration & tilt
    • Preloaded IOL
    • A proven high-quality material
    • Well known 3-haptic design

    The benchmark among eye models
    The advanced optic of the ZEISS aspheric lens is, among other aspects, patterned after the Liou & Brennan (LBE) eye model, widely regarded as the most anatomically accurate eye model in ophthalmology today. LBE places the young, phakic human eye into an optical, physiological and realistic environment, using, among other things, the physiological off-axis of the pupil in nasal and the tilt of the visual-/optical axis as its basis.

    CT ASPHINA 603P is based on a very well known 3-haptic design which has demonstrated its stability in the long run and the good reproducible refractive outcomes that it generates.

  • Technical Data
    Optic Design

    Monofocal, aspheric (aberration correcting)


    Hydrophilic acrylic (28%)

    Optic Diameter

    6.0 mm

    Total Diameter

    10.5 mm

    Haptic Angulation


    Lens Design


    Incision Size

    2.8 mm

    Company Labeled


    Diopter Range

    +10 to +30.0 D

    0.5 D increments



    Implantation in


    Preloaded IOL injector SKYJET®
  • Injector Systems

    SkyJet injector system for preloaded CT ASPHINA 603P IOL

    Preloaded for an easy, quick and safe worflow
    The CT ASPHINA 603P is preloaded in its cartridge to allow for easy, sterile and reproducible application. The lens is protected at all times to avoid risk of damage, manipulation and cross contamination.

    Patient safety is further reinforced as the complete procedure is greatly simplified. Patients experience a more comfortable operation, while surgeons have more time to devote to the care of their patients.

    • Simply clip the cassette into the disposable injector
    • Remove the safety device to release the IOL
    • Add some viscoelastic
    • Inject the IOL
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  • Downloads

    SkyJet - Protocol of use with CT SPHERIS® 203P

    Protocol of use with CT SPHERIS® 203P

    Page(s): 2
    Filesize: 4,568 kB

    ZO IOLs monography

    Page(s): 17
    Filesize: 1,074 kB

    Proven ZEISS Optic for aspheric IOLs

    Page(s): 7
    Filesize: 2,616 kB

    SkyJet - Protocol of use with CT ASPHINA™ 603P

    Protocol of use with CT ASPHINA™ 603P

    Page(s): 2
    Filesize: 12,110 kB


    Technical Specifications

    Page(s): 2
    Filesize: 153 kB

    SKYJET 2.8 and 3.2

    Handling instructions for preloaded CT ASPHINA 603P and CT SPHERIS 203P

    Page(s): 2
    Filesize: 1,893 kB

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