CT Asphina 409MP 400


Monofocal aspheric IOL for Small Incision Surgery

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  • Highlights
    CT Asphina 409mp 400

    CT ASPHINA 404 has the special ZEISS MICS 4 haptic design for excellent rotational stability and centration over time

    The CT ASPHINA 404 "LC"/400 aspheric concept
    The aspherical "LC" lens-corrected design corrects the spherical aberrations of the IOL in convergent light - the CT ASPHINA 404 is aberration-neutral. The optical imaging quality is improved and color and contrast vision becomes more precise. Due to the high-tech manufacturing technologies, the ZEISS aspherical lens designs are manufactured in micrometer precision.

  • Technical Data
    CT ASPHINA 404
    Optic Design

    Monofocal,aspheric (aberration neutral)


    Hydrophilic acrylic (25%)
    with hydrophobic surface

    Optic Diameter

    6.0 mm

    Total Diameter

    11.0 mm

    Haptic Angulation

    Lens Design


    Incision Size

    2.2 mm

    Company Labeled


    Diopter Range

    From -10.0 to +30.0 D
    (From +31.0 to +42.0 D upon request)

    -10.0 to +10.0 D, 1.0 D increments
    +10.0 to +30.0 D, 0.5 D increments
    +30.0 to +42.0 D, 1.0 D increments



    Implantation in


    Cartridge Set

    For IOLs from -10.0 to +30.0 D*:
    AT.Shooter A1-2000 / VISCOJECT™-BIO 2.2 Cartridge Set
    VISCOJECT-BIO 2.2 Injector Set

    *For IOLs from +31.0 bis +42.0 D
    ACCUJECT™ 3.0 Injector Set

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