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Introducing the next generation EDoF IOL with the widest range of focus* ZEISS AT LARA
innovationMADE BY ZEISS


Next generation EDoF IOL with the widest range of focus* in its category



AT LARA® 829MP is the new EDoF (Extended Depth of Focus) intraocular lens from ZEISS.

AT LARA EDoF IOL is designed to provide a high degree of spectacle independence and to induce less visual side effects compared to multifocal IOLs, enabling excellent vision over a wide range of distances.

This balance of increased spectacle independence and less visual phenomena is particularly attractive to patients with an active lifestyle, who wish to be spectacle-free for most of their daily activities but are more sensitive to halos and glare.

ZEISS AT LARA 829MP represents the next generation of EDoF IOLs providing an even wider range of focus, as well as superior optical performance and quality of vision.

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  • Highlights

    The perfect balance of increased spectacle independence
    and less visual side effects

    ZEISS AT LARA provides the widest range of focus among EDoF intraocular lenses.

    This leads to an increased spectacle independence, giving patients the chance to perform a wide range of activities without glasses, and thus to enjoy an active lifestyle. At the same time, the lens induces less visual side effects compared to multifocal IOLs providing more visual comfort, especially at night.

    increased spectacle independence

    less visual side effects       


    Increased spectacle independence

    The new AT LARA 829MP from ZEISS is designed to provide the widest range of focus among EDof IOLs, for an expected higher spectacle independence, particularly at the intermediate distance.

    AT LARA application

    Pre-clinical results confirm widest range of focus*:

    The defocus curve of the new ZEISS AT LARA EDoF IOL was compared with that of Johnson & Johnson TECNIS Symfony in a pre-clinical study with 25 subjects. In the test setup, the IOLs were "virtually implanted" by placing them in the optical path of a dedicated device, permitting the conduct of standard vision tests in non-implanted subjects.


    The average defocus curve of ZEISS AT LARA shows higher visual acuity values than J&J TECNIS Symfony over a wider range of focus distances, suggesting more spectacle independence*.

    Less visual side effects

    ZEISS AT LARA optical design and patented Smooth Microphase (SMP) technology minimize light scattering and thus visual side effects. For more visual comfort, in particular at night.

    Smooth Microphase (SMP) technology

    In conventional diffractive designs the ideal surface contains steps with sharp angles (see left). Manufacturing technology will not allow to create these sharp angles (circles represent the movement of a lating tool). As a consequence a certain amount of light will be scattered in undefined directions. In contrast, the patented SMP introduces so-called phase zones as part of the optical design, leading to an ideal surface design with much shallower angles (see right) that can be manufactures more precisely, thus minimizing the amount of light scatter.

    Pre-clinical tests indicate less disturbance with ZEISS AT LARA than with J&J TECNIS Symfony**:
    In pre-clinical tests using the "virtual implantation" setup, 48 subjects compared four different IOLs in a typical night traffic situation in a random blinded manner: one monofocal IOL, two EDoF IOLs (ZEISS AT LARA and J&J TECNIS Symfony), and one trifocal IOL.


    The monofocal IOL was rated best by the test participants. ZEISS AT LARA was rated second, better than J&J TECNIS Symfony and the trifocal IOL.

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    Making more patients happy with ZEISS AT LARA

    AT LARA patient pool

    Grow your premium business with AT LARA

    AT LARA 829MP from ZEISS allows you to address new patient groups with a premium solution. The new EDoF lens completes ZEISS comprehensive portfolio of premium IOLs enabling you to cover different patients’ needs. Depending on the level of spectacle independence that your patients wish to achieve, their individual habits and preconditions, and their sensitivity to visual side effects, you can now choose among the following premium options:


    For patients who wish for a high degree of spectacle independence, but are also more sensitive to visual side effects and are willing to accept reading glasses.

    • The widest range of focus among EDoF IOLs
    • Spectacle independence for intermediate and far distances
    • Less visual side effects than with multifocal IOLs
    • An aberration-neutral aspheric design and advanced chromatic correction for optimized contrast sensitivity

    More premium options for your patients

    ZEISS AT LISA tri 839MP & ZEISS AT LISA tri toric 939MP

    ZEISS AT LISA tri 839MP

    For patients aiming for maximum spectacle independence at all distances:

    • 90 % of extremely high or very high patient satisfaction
    • Patient referral rate reaching 97 %
    • About 90 % spectacle independence at all distances
    • Outstanding visual acuity
    • 5 years of proven record of excellent outcomes with over 25 peer-reviewed publications
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    ZEISS AT LISA tri toric 939MP

    The toric version of the trifocal IOL combines the benefits of ZEISS AT LISA tri 839MP with precise correction of astigmatism, making spectacle independence equally available to your astigmatic patients.

    • Spectacle independence at near, intermediate and far
    • Precise astigmatism correction
    • Rotation stability
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    *Compared to J&J TECNIS Symfony and Oculentis LENTIS Comfort IOLs in an unpublished pre-clinical study with 100 subjects. Data on file.

    **Guthoff R et al. Characterization of starburst and halo size for different virtually implanted intraocular lenses in comparison to subject’s quality of vision. Presented at ARVO; April 29–May 3, 2017. Honolulu, Hawaii.

  • Technical Data

    AT LARA 829MP preloaded

    Optic Design Diffractive, aspheric. Depth of Focus Extensions: 0.95 D and 1.9 D
    Material Hydrophilic acrylic (25 % water contents) with hydrophobic surface properties
    Optic Diameter 6.0 mm
    Total Diameter 11.0 mm
    Haptic Angulation
    Lens Design Single-piece, MICS
    Incision Size 1.8 mm
    Company Labeled A-Constant 118.5
    Diopter Range -10.0 to +32.0 D, 0.5 D increments
    ACD 5.20
    Implantation in Capsular Bag
    Injector / Cartridge Set BLUEMIXS® 180
    Indications Senile cataracts and other forms of cataract. Visual correction of aphakia in patients with and without presbyopia.
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  • Downloads

    ZEISS AT LARA 829MP preloaded

    Technical Specifications

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    Filesize: 210 kB

    ZEISS AT LARA toric 929MP / M

    Technical Specifications

    Page(s): 2
    Filesize: 744 kB


    Next generation Extended Range of Focus Intraocular Lens

    Page(s): 5
    Filesize: 1,463 kB

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