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The first preloaded multifocal and multifocal toric MICS IOLs for a very high level of patient satisfaction

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AT Lisa 809 preloaded iol


The first preloaded multifocal IOL for MICS with a 1.8 mm incision size

AT LISA 809M/MP preloaded multifocal MICS IOL

  • Highlights
    AT LISA 809

    AT LISA 809M/MP - the first preloaded multifocal MICS IOL for a higher level of patient satisfaction

    The unique LISA concept ...

    L Light distributed asymmetrically between distant (65%) and near focus (35%) for improved intermediate vision and greatly reduced halos and glare

    Independency from pupil size due to high performance diffractive- 
    refractive micro-structure covering the complete 6.0 mm optical diameter

    SMP technology for a lens surface without any sharp angles for ideal 
    optical imaging quality with reduced light scattering

    Aberration correcting optimized aspheric optic for better contrast 
    sensitivity, depth of field and sharper vision

    Enhanced depth of field

    The optical design of AT LISA® enhances the depth of field, which in turn enhances the static apparent accommodation.
    A “pseudo-accommodation” range of 5 D at a visual acuity of 0.6 is beyond the range of most “accommodating” IOLs.

    AT LISA binocular defocus curve (n=100)

    Advanced technology can change your patient’s life

    Many patients have the desire to live their life with only minimum support from glasses. They expect to have clear vision after surgery without undesirable optical phenomena such as halos or impaired night vision.

    Visual Acuity at all Distances

    Binocular visual acuity

    Measured distances up to 6 m and mean distance corrected near visual acuity.

    Binocular visual acuity
    Binocular intermediate visual acuity

    Mean intermediate VA measured in 10 cm steps from 30 to 70 cm (n = 162).

    Binocular intermediate visual acuity

    Impressive contrast sensitivity

    Due to the asymmetrical light distribution over distance (65%) and near (35%) focus, the light yield of the AT LISA amounts to 80%.
    Compared to multifocal lenses with symmetrical light distribution, the contrast sensitivity improves to a level which is within the normal range of healthy phakic patients, under photopic and mesopic conditions.

    Very good night vision

    When compared to other multifocal IOLs, AT LISA has shown the best results with less than 10% incidence of moderate night halos.

    The perfect fit for MICS

    AT LISA is the first generation of high-performance aspheric multifocal IOLs for 1.8 mm Micro Incision Cataract Surgery.

    Requirements for a MICS IOL:

    • A thin IOL which can be folded up small enough
    • To be injected into a 1.8 mm incision
    • While retaining enough power for a wide range of patients
    • Offering stability and centration
    • And offering an optimized optic design for an excellent visual outcome

    The MICS benefits of the AT LISA family of multifocal IOLs:

    • Minimizes the surgically induced astigmatism
    • Promotes a rapid wound healing and accelerated postoperative regeneration
    • Decreases the risk of endothelial cell loss
    • Reduces the risk of inflammation

    AT LISA 809M/MP - preloaded for use with the BLUEMIXS 180® injector for an easy start into micro incision cataract surgery

    Providing a smooth workflow
    Use the BLUEMIXS 180 injector with the preloaded AT LISA for an easy and safe implantation through a 1.8 mm micro incision.

  • Technical Data
    Optic Design Multifocal, diffractive, +3.75 D add at IOL plane, aspheric (aberration correcting)
    Material Hydrophilic acrylic (25%) with hydrophobic surface properties
    Optic Diameter 6.0 mm
    Total Diameter 11.0 mm
    Haptic Angulation
    Lens Design Single-piece, MICS
    Incision Size AT LISA 809M 1.8 mm
    Incision Size AT LISA 809MP 1.8 mm
    Company Labeled
    Diopter Range 0.0 to +32.0 D, 0.5 D increments
    ACD 4.85
    Implantation in Bag
    Preloaded Injector BLUEMIXS® 180  
    Injector/Cartridge Set AT.Shooter A2-2000/ ACM2
    VISCOJECT™-BIO 1.8 Injector Set
    AT.Shooter A1-2000 / VISCOJECT-BIO 1.8 Catridge Set
    A6 Injector and *AT.Smart Cartridge
    AT Shooter A2-2000 Injector and *AT.Smart Cartridge
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    The first preloaded multifocal and multifocal toric MICS IOLs for a very high level of patient satisfaction

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