AT LISA tri family Moment
inspirationMADE BY ZEISS
Helping your patients see the whole picture. ZEISS AT LISA tri family
inspirationMADE BY ZEISS

ZEISS AT LISA tri family for True Living Vision

AT LISA tri 839MP and AT LISA tri toric 939MP

Imagine: being at an exhibition, walking up to an interesting piece of art. You can’t see all the details of the picture from the distance. You get closer, but when you start to enter the intermediate vision range the picture gets blurred … You change your glasses and keep moving closer to the work of art until you can see it clearly. Now, with your nose almost touching the painting, you can finally make out the details …


Vision restrictions

This is what your patients experience every day – vision restrictions getting in the way of life’s little pleasures. After all, most of the things we do in our daily lives require good vision at various distances. Eliminating these visual limita- tions and being able to switch smoothly between near, far and intermediate will offer them more freedom and allow them to enjoy life to the full.

True Living Vision

Here is where the ZEISS innovative concept comes into play: an amazing trifocal IOL platform, bringing the multifocal optic design to a completely
new level. With its AT LISA® tri family ZEISS has achieved outstanding
visual results meeting even the highest expectations of cataract,
presbyopia and astigmatism patients and offering them a whole new
sensation: True Living Vision.  


Let your patients enjoy the beauty of life with ZEISS AT LISA tri family.
Let them see the whole picture. Let them experience True Living Vision.

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ZEISS AT LISA tri family


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