COMBIVISC the perfect match (doctor and nurse)


The perfect match

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COMBIVISC Double viscosity OVD  (two syringes)


The perfect match


New double viscosity OVD from ZEISS

  • Highlights


    The perfect match of two OVD concepts

    The new COMBIVISC from ZEISS is an optimal combination of a dispersive and cohesive OVD in two separate syringes to match the requirements at each stage of the cataract surgery. 

    • Flexibility of two OVD concepts to perfectly match your needs
    • Giving you the space you need and clear vision to operate, with fast removal
    • Space. Efficiency. Clarity.

    Dispersive OVD
    Protective dispersive OVD provides clarity during cataract removal

    • Reliable endothelium protection
    • Excellent optical clarity1
    • Good space partition
    • Short aspiration time2
    • Contains Z-HYALCOAT®

    Cohesive OVD
    Efficient cohesive OVD maintains space during IOL implantation

    • Highly effective in space creation
    • Optimal chamber retention
    • Good capsular bag inflation
    • Fast and easy removal2
    • Contains Z-HYALIN® plus

    COMBIVISC is also available
    in 5 procedure multipacks.

  • Technical Data
    Behaviour Cohesive Dispersive
    Origin Bacterial Fermentation Bacterial Fermentation
    Substance Sodium Hyaluronate (NaHA) Sodium Hyaluronate (NaHA)
    Concentration 1.5% NaHA 3.0% NaHA
    Volume 1.0 ml 0.85 ml
    pH 7.2 – 7.6 7.0 – 7.6
    Osmolality (mOsmol/kg) 300 – 360 300 – 360
    Molecular weight (Da)* Avg. 2,900,000 Avg. 1,000,000
    Pseudoplasticity Index 91 15
    Zero-Shear Viscosity (mPa.s) Avg. 250,000 Avg. 67,000
    CDI 42 15
    Cannula 27 G 25 G
    Storage 2 – 8°C 2 – 8°C
    Box content Single pack: 2 × syringes, 1 × 25 G cannula, 1 × 27 G cannula
    Multipack: 5 × pouches containing 2 syringes, 5 × 25 G cannulae, 5 × 27 G cannulae

    *The molecular weights are derived from intrinsic viscosity according to the Mark Houwink equation.

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    COMBIVISC Datasheet

    The perfect match

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    COMBIVISC Presentation

    The perfect match

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    The perfect match

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  • 1 Hütz et al.: Comparison of viscoelastic substances used in phacoemulsification. JCRS Vol 22, Sept. 1996
  • 2 Steve A. Arshinoff: New classification of ophthalmic viscosurgical devices. JCRS Vol 31, Nov. 2005